Quotient Partners with Mandlik & Rhodes on New Digital and Paper Clearing Solution

Today, we announced our new coupon clearing partnership with Mandlik & Rhodes — a well-established and long-standing company that delivers strategic coupon processing solutions for manufacturers and retailers in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry.  

This is an important move for the industry: As digital couponing has grown, the legacy coupon clearing industry has not transformed to take advantage of the efficiencies that technology brings to other industries. This means CPGs have continued to pay high fees for digital coupon clearing solutions even though many of tasks (and therefore costs) associated with paper coupons are not required with digital. 

 With our new partnership with Mandlik & Rhodes, CPGs will benefit from a lower cost to process digital coupons — freeing up more working dollars and increasing the ROI of their overall marketing spend. They will also benefit from a fully transparent pricing model so that every cost is clear. 

“With the rise of digital coupons, the role of the clearing firm has drastically changed. Many tasks that are associated with paper coupons are now unnecessary, but clearinghouses often still charge the same fees. Costs are maintained for no additional value-added services, while the actual operating costs for digital coupon processing go down. While these clearing firms still have a role to play in the industry (and particularly with paper coupons), their role is shifting in the digital coupon ecosystem. Our partnership with Mandlik & Rhodes turns the old, unnecessary and notoriously ambiguous fees into working dollars — ushering in a disruption for this industry that was long overdue,” said Steven Boal, CEO of Quotient. 

Read the full details on our important new partnership in the press release here