Revolutionize Your Measurement with Multi-Touch Attribution

Quotient’s omnichannel measurement combines media and promotions with customizable attribution windows and on-demand reporting. Explore Quotient’s industry-leading omnichannel measurement combining media and promotions.


Discover Our Media Methodology

Our methodology allows advertisers, agencies and retailers to leverage impression-based, multi-touch attribution to combine measurement across promotions, offsite and onsite display, digital out-of-home and sponsored search to better understand impact on attributable sales. The methodology provides:

  • Consistent measurement across multiple channels 
  • Flexible attribution in 7-, 14- and 28-day windows 
  • In-flight reporting 


Effectively Plan & Measure
with Quotient Analytics

Quotient’s proprietary data and analytics capabilities enable advertisers and retailers to plan and measure every media or promotions campaign down to its granular impact on individual sales.


Unrivaled Data & Insights

Quotient’s partnerships with leading retailers, combined with our consumer properties and analytics platform, enable us to provide a comprehensive view of your target consumers and their behavior to help you form a deep understanding of them.

With Quotient, you benefit from targeting and measurement through:


Daily US mobile location signals for geo-targeting

Quotient Internal Reporting, Q4 2021


In revenue flowing through our platform

Quotient Internal Reporting, Q4 2021


Annual coupon activations at 54K+ retail locations

Quotient Internal Reporting, Q4 2021


Brand relationships

Quotient Internal Reporting, Q4 2021

Award-Winning Measurement

Quotient Analytics stands as an industry leader in measurement. In 2023, MarTech named the platform the Best Marketing Attribution Solution for its innovation and impact on brand campaigns.

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