Your Campaigns Are Only as Good as the Data That Powers Them

Explore the Quotient Data & Analytics Platform.

Effectively Plan & Measure with Quotient Data & Analytics

Quotient’s proprietary data and analytics capabilities enable advertisers and retailers to effectively plan and measure every media or promotional campaign down to its granular impact on individual sales. 

Strategy & Insights Expertise

Our expert team analyzes performance across campaigns to identify new channels to drive incremental sales and maximize return on spend.

Unrivaled Data & Insights

Quotient’s partnerships with leading US retailers, combined with our consumer properties and data and analytics platform,
enable us to provide a comprehensive view of your target consumer and their behavior. With Quotient, you benefit from
targeting and measurement through:


Daily US mobile location signals for geo-targeting

Quotient Internal Reporting, Q1 2020


Retail transactions tracked at the point-of-sale annually

Quotient Internal Reporting, 2020


Annual digital coupon activations to target based on purchase intent

Quotient Internal Reporting, 2020


Monthly social and blog posts scanned to uncover real-time category-level trends

Quotient Internal Reporting, Q4 2019

Activate the Right Audience

Built on our exclusive database of over 120MM verified buyers, we provide you with the ability to create and optimize audience
segments to target across media channels at scale. We enhance exclusive retailer data with Quotient first-party data to build
deterministic audiences for you to deploy across preferred media channels.

Performance Data at Your Fingertips

Optimize campaigns on demand with in-flight performance measurement linked to dollar sales with our self-service analytics platform. Using exclusive point-of-sale transaction data and advanced analytical methodology, clients get access to near real-time visibility and transparency into their cross-channel promotions and media campaigns.