Quotient Media Services for Retailers

Creative, media buying and audience capabilities for retailers.

capabilities for retailer

Creative Services

Our creative strategy and services team specializes in delicately balancing the advertiser and retailer’s branding to create high-quality, personalized ad creative to run across omnichannel media campaigns.

Ad Design & Copy

Tailored to your brand guidelines

Creative Asset Development

Custom influencer-led photography/video and more

Continuous Innovation

Test across new platforms, creative formats and more

Playbook Development

Provide advertisers with creative guidelines

Media Buying

Our full-service media operations team offers high performing media buying services, ranging from strategy and planning to real-time optimization. We work directly with retailers to develop tailored media strategies for all omnichannel shopper campaigns to drive measurable impact.   

Campaign Set-Up

Service model to meet all campaign guidelines

In-Flight Optimization

Real-time adjustments based on performance

Cross-Channel Expertise

Across retailer.com, social, display, digital out-of-home and more

Performance Trends & Insights

Reported back to you to guide future campaign planning

Audience Building

Quotient Audiences allows retailers to build and optimize audience segments to activate across media channels at scale. Our full-service data and analytics team enhances existing retailer data with Quotient’s proprietary data to build actionable audiences for brands.

Data Integration

With proprietary location and purchase intent data

Custom Audience Creation

Create audience segments at scale

Seamless Media Integration

Ensure campaigns hit the right buyer with every impression

Analytics Suite

Predictive and optimized through performance

Learn more about our onsite and offsite media capabilties for retailers.