Quotient Promotions Network

Deliver value everywhere and at every moment. Increase awareness and introduce savings through our partner network to drive trial and loyalty. 

A Powerful Promotions Network

Redemptions on Quotient’s network generate more than $2.7 billion in product sales on a yearly basis.

High-performing campaigns are built on a foundation of data.

Strengthen your brand’s next promotion with data-driven insights from our latest study of more than 100,000 campaigns. This report uncovers the most important variables that are linked to effective promotion design.

Drive Scale & Volume with National Promotions   

Increase brand sales by reaching millions of consumers through touchpoints throughout their daily routines, making the discovery of value a seamless experience.

Introduce savings to more consumers beyond the point of purchase through our vast partner network.

Increase Sales Across Retailers with Shopper Promotions   

Increase shopper trips and market share, grow brand and category, and win back lapsed buyers through delivery of efficient and effective digital shopper promotions. With Quotient, you can target audiences using exclusive consumer spending data, location intelligence and purchase intent data—resulting in more consumer value and higher return on promotions spend. 

Maximize Weekly Promotions
with Automated Media

With automated targeting and an exclusive integration into a live feed of retailers’ pricing data, Quotient's promotion amplification tool extends the reach of your weekly offers by activating your brand’s campaign only when the data says the temporary price reduction (TPR) is live.

In our current retail environment, shoppers miss out on 90% of available weekly TPRs unless they walk each aisle of the store. By using promotion amplification to drive increased omnichannel awareness of the TPR, Quotient can drive incremental consumers to the store to buy your products without worrying about changes to the TPR schedule impacting your digital media plans.