We Believe That an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy Is the
Most Powerful Way to Engage Consumers

Designing a Journey Focused on Value

In today's fast changing world, understanding and influencing consumers can be complex. Consumer behavior is evolving at a rapid pace. And with digital continuing to grow, the number of channels available to engage consumers is increasingly high.

This presents the omnichannel opportunity: the advertisers and retailers that seize it hold the advantage in driving brand affinity, loyalty and consumer share of mind.

The Omnichannel Advantage

Say goodbye to optimizing individual marketing channels in isolation. Say hello to the omnichannel advantage by developing a holistic strategy where multiple channels work in harmony to nurture more engagement and sales.

A consumer-centric, omnichannel marketing strategy leverages data and capabilities to connect with consumers throughout the path to purchase—whether they're browsing social media at home, searching online for savings, in transit outside of the home or at the point of intent in the physical or digital store.

  • Make the most of marketing dollars by impacting multiple KPIs
  • Continuously analyze and optimize to turn impressions into transactions
  • Provide consumer value to generate affinity and loyalty

5 Principles of a Winning Omnichannel Strategy


with value leading
the way


Multiple touchpoints throughout the path
to purchase


Impacts several
goals, both shopper
and brand


Leverages integrated media to deliver an actionable message


impressions to
sales impact

Unilever Delivers on Omnichannel with Quotient


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