Quotient Is the Result
of Knowing

With exclusive data, innovation in omnichannel marketing and a team of industry experts, we understand consumers and can reach them when and where it matters to drive value for them, for advertisers and for retailers.

Our Story

In 1998, our founder Steven Boal had an idea. What if saving money didn’t mean sitting with a Sunday paper and clipping coupons anymore? He saw a direct line between the benefit consumers could have in an easier, more convenient promotion experience and the relationship they would build with the brands that provided that experience. That’s how Coupons.com got started.  

From that early idea, we have been constantly working to develop a better shopping experience for advertisers, retailers and consumers. In 2015, we changed our name from Coupons.com to Quotient to represent our broader portfolio of capabilities. However, Coupons.com remains as our flagship consumer savings property. 

Since then, we have grown to offer omnichannel digital marketing capabilities that drive sales and value through compelling consumer experiences. In that time, we’ve come to see our purpose in the world more clearly: 

 We’re here to Transform Shopping to Make Life Better.

127M targetable, verified shoppers

Quotient Internal Reporting, Q4 2021

$200B in revenue flowing through our platform

Quotient Internal Reporting, Q4 2021

4.5B annual coupon activations at 54K+ retail locations

Quotient Internal Reporting, Q4 2021

10B daily US mobile location signals for geo-targeting

Quotient Internal Reporting, Q1 2020

"Quotient's proprietary trend technology allows us to become closer to the consumer and align our social media plans accordingly. We are excited to partner with Quotient as thought leaders."

Kathleen Smith | Marketing Communications Manager, Jergens Skin Care

"(With Quotient) we had a great opportunity to develop a program that uniquely drives engagement with our target consumers across the entire Aveeno portfolio. Shoppers showed a high propensity to engage with Aveeno through compelling promotional offers and scroll-stopping media that lifted the entire brand."

Danielle Price | Shopper Marketing and Consumer Promotions Manager, Aveeno

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