Quotient Media Platform

The Quotient Media Platform enables advertisers to plan, target and execute integrated omnichannel media strategies to engage consumers throughout the path to purchase. Our platform provides media placement opportunities in display, social, digital out-of-home and deep into the digital retailer ecosystem to drive measurable sales and build brand equity.

Drive Measurable Impact with Display

Quotient Display delivers actionable media proven to drive impact through high-quality, dynamic creative as well as intelligent targeting using our advanced shopper data.

Engage Consumers with Social

With Quotient Social, you can be strategic about engaging consumers through social media. Flexible campaign execution and media expertise drive results while seamlessly integrating into your broader digital omnichannel strategy. 

Connect Physical & Digital Worlds
Digital Out-Of-Home 

Quotient Digital Out-of-Home gives you access to screens wherever your shoppers are. Our targeted programmatic campaigns use 2500+ audience and behavioral demographics—along with exclusive location intelligence and purchase data—to help you reach consumers and measure campaign performance via foot traffic analysis, attributable sales and brand awareness.


Stay Top-of-Mind on the Digital Shelf with Retailer.com Sponsored Search

Advertisers can buy and measure high-impact sponsored product placements across our retailer network's online shopping platforms to stay front of mind through the digital shelf with Quotient Retailer.com Sponsored Search. 

Reach Consumers at the Point-of-Sale
with Retailer.com Display

Quotient Retailer.com Display allows advertisers to buy and measure display media across our retailer network's online shopping platforms to reach consumers while they're actively shopping. 

Actionable Audiences Enhanced by Exclusive Retailer Data

Build and optimize audience segments to activate across media channels at scale. Our full-service data analytics team and performance‑driven platform enhance exclusive retailer data with Quotient proprietary data to model actionable audiences for brands to deploy across preferred media channels.