Quotient Launches Retail Ad Network

In the fragmented world of retail media, advertisers and retailers face a constant balancing act to budget, plan, execute and measure campaigns across multiple networks. Today, Quotient announced the launch of our Retail Ad Network, an exciting solution that consolidates retail media campaigns into one holistic platform—bringing together an unstandardized retail media landscape and giving retailers the opportunity to gain their share of national ad dollars.

The Retail Ad Network aggregates individual retail media networks, allowing advertisers to plan, execute and measure their off-site campaigns on a single platform. The network merges retailers’ first-party and inventory data with Quotient’s proprietary shopper data. This centralized approach makes it easier for CPG and other brands to determine where to allocate their budgets and to measure campaigns holistically.

“The lack of consolidation and measurement standards in retail media has, we believe, created an opportunity for Quotient to become the centralized touchpoint for retail media campaigns. We’re excited to launch the Retail Ad Network, with the ability to combine retail media campaigns with digital coupons to drive further conversion.”
Henri Lellouche, Vice President of Retail and Partnerships at Quotient

By attracting commensurate ad investment, consolidating media planning and buying across retailer networks gives retailers of all sizes and trade classes the opportunity to access a larger share of ad dollars. As Henri Lellouche, Quotient’s VP of Retail and Partnerships, explained, “Aggregating retailers within our network is designed to allow brands to achieve significant scale more easily.”

Retail Ad Network campaigns are activated programmatically by Quotient’s dedicated demand-side platform (DSP) and delivered across Quotient’s wide-ranging, brand-safe inventory on the open web and digital out-of-home (DOOH) properties. Innovative technology enables advertisers to serve consumers dynamic, co-branded creative with targeted messages and offers to drive conversion. Once campaigns are in progress, Quotient’s Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) methodology tracks performance across multiple channels and helps advertisers to optimize future campaigns.

Want to learn more about Quotient’s Retail Ad Network? Contact us today at hello@quotient.com.