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Jan 29, 2018

Albertsons Is Getting Into the Digital Media Business to Compete for Money From CPG Brands

Albertsons’ website lists 128 products with the word “banana” in them, and to adapt a phrase from Arrested Development’s George Bluth, there’s always money in the digital banana stand. On Thursday, Albertsons unveiled a program called Albertsons Performance Media that works with consumer-packaged-goods brands to place ads all over the web and track the promos to see […]

Jan 25, 2018

Albertsons launches targeted marketing service

Albertsons Cos. has launched a new marketing service that will seek to leverage its customer data to help its supplier partners improve the efficiency of their promotions. The service, called Albertsons Performance Media, is powered by digital analytics and marketing firm Quotient Technology, which uses point-of-sale data collected from Albertsons’ 2,300-plus stores. The service will […]

Jan 25, 2018

Albertsons is going to help companies test just how effective their digital ads are

Albertsons is looking to partner with consumer brands with a new service aimed at improving their digital advertising. The owner of Safeway and Shaw’s is launching a new initiative with Quotient Technology to provide feedback on the impact of brands’ digital ads on sales in Albertsons stores. The platform, Albertsons Performance Media, will use shopping data to help […]