Introducing National Promotions for Adult Beverage Brands

Raise your glasses to national adult beverage promotions! We’re excited to present a cutting-edge national promotions solution designed specifically for adult beverage brands. This advancement empowers these brands to seamlessly launch promotional campaigns across multiple partners through the Quotient Promotions Network. Here, brands benefit from integrated regulatory compliance and technology to ensure brand incrementality.

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The Power of Promotions for Adult Beverage Brands

Incorporating digital promotions into your brand’s marketing strategy is essential to motivating today’s value-seeking consumers. Quotient’s turnkey national promotions solution opens up massive opportunities for our adult beverage clients by deploying promotional campaigns across our expansive network and scaling them to reach national audiences.

The Quotient Promotions Network, including the Shopmium app, enables advertisers to engage consumers throughout the path to purchase while applying Quotient’s innovative coupon compliance and brand protection features to every campaign.

In addition to the promotions channel, adult beverage advertisers can amplify their offers with Quotient’s programmatic display, digital out-of-home (DOOH) and social media to drive engagement at every touchpoint. Then, they can measure their campaigns through Quotient’s award-winning multi-touch attribution solution, giving them the insights they need to optimize future campaigns.

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