Why Coupons are a Powerful 2021 Market Strategy

Since the late 1800s, coupons have played an important role in retail marketing. They were first introduced by Coca-Cola in 1887 when the company offered customers a hand written ticket for a free glass of the now-famous drink. This tactic…read more


Quotient’s Hungry for Change Fundraiser

Quotient is committed to continually looking for new ways to give back to the community around us. With so many employees working from home during COVID-19, we had to get creative with our approach to volunteering. This year, the Quotient team rose to the occasion and reached the goal for our first-ever Hungry for Change fundraiser. What Is Hungry for Change? This multifaceted fundraiser encouraged employees to support local restaurants and community organizations across the many…read more


Packs of Inspiration

The holidays are known as the “season of giving”—giving gifts to loved ones as well as giving back to our communities and those in need. This year, we teamed up with WeHero and the Feeding…read more