Quotient Unveils White-Label DOOH for Retailers

As the retail advertising landscape continues to evolve, Quotient has launched a new white-label digital out-of-home (DOOH) offering, a platform empowering retailers of all sizes to seamlessly incorporate DOOH into their retail media strategies. This creates new opportunities for both retailers and brands to connect with consumers at touchpoints in the physical world.

Keep reading to learn more about this exciting new solution.

Revolutionizing Retail Advertising

As DOOH advertising spend is expected to grow by 15% by 2025 and 22% by 2026, Quotient’s DOOH demand-side platform (DSP) allows retailers to offer this dynamic channel to brands and advertisers, helping them reach high-intent shoppers at physical-world touchpoints on their purchase journeys.

“Amid price pressures and the struggle to maintain customer loyalty, retailers need solutions to empower brands to target the right consumers in the right place with the right message. Our DOOH tools have a proven track record of success in helping retailers drive increased traffic and CPG brands achieve higher conversion rates and return on ad spend. We look forward to helping these companies grow their businesses and strengthen their relationships with consumers.”


Through this new solution, retailers can integrate their first-party data with Quotient’s location-based intelligence and media measurement. These insights can help them identify the right DOOH inventory to reach the right consumers—boosting store visits and sales. With over 580,000 screens and 150 million mobile devices in our network, Quotient’s DSP provides advertisers with a huge inventory to reach consumers wherever they are.

Interested in learning more about Quotient’s DOOH platform or seeing a demo? Contact us today at hello@quotient.com.