Quotient Onsite Media for Retailers

Unlock new revenue by creating premium opportunities for advertiser partners with onsite performance media.
Monetize eCommerce platforms and provide increased value to digital consumers.

Drive Growth at the Point-of-Sale Online & the Digital Shelf

Quotient's onsite retail media capabilities provide retailers with the technology to drive eCommerce growth at scale while meeting the increasing consumer need for convenience. Capabilities include:

Sponsored Search

Enable advertisers to own the digital shelf by activating sponsored product placements across your digital real
estate to reach consumers with relevant offers as they're actively browsing. Learn More


Advertisers can increase brand visibility and maximize engagement through targeted display media placements across your eCommerce platforms, while maintaining your site’s look and feel. Learn More →

Maximize your Digital Properties

Maximize Your Digital Properties

Value Driven From Each Impression

  • Provide brand partners flexibility and visibility to bid on terms that convert

Incremental Monetization Opportunity

  • Deliver native advertising funded by eCommerce and shopper budgets

Transparent Performance & Metrics

  • Get granular reporting to understand how consumers engage with products, as well as impact on sales

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