Unleashing Dynamic Creative in DOOH Advertising

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising is experiencing a remarkable growth trajectory, undergoing a transformation from static billboards to dynamic and interactive displays in recent years. Advertisers are continually finding innovative methods through this channel to effectively reach and engage consumers during their shopping journeys.

At the recent CPG DOOH Day 3.0, hosted by the DPAA and Quotient, industry leaders discussed how new creative tactics are shaping DOOH strategies and enabling brands to engage with consumers in new ways. Keep reading to learn the top takeaways, or click the button below to watch the webinar recording.

What Is Dynamic Creative in DOOH Advertising?

Dynamic creative in DOOH advertising empowers brands to optimize and update their content based on current data, events and other real-world factors. By utilizing the channel’s programmatic capabilities, brands can adjust their creative on the fly, achieving personalized and contextually relevant DOOH across all screen activations in their campaign. This dynamic approach ensures that the advertising content resonates with the audience’s current surroundings and interests, enhancing engagement and overall campaign effectiveness.

Contextual Advertising with Dynamic Creative

Dynamic creative is quickly becoming a staple in DOOH advertising. In response to near real-time data feeds like weather conditions, time of day and local events, dynamic creative can adapt to suit the immediate environment. This approach allows advertisers to deliver highly personalized and contextually relevant messages to viewers, maximizing campaign impact.

“It’s about the moments that matter, and those moments that matter could be anything—cultural events, weather, delays on the subway, anything that we can use as a piece of live data to tap into the emotional relevance to an audience at a given time.”


Out-of-home creative agency Grand Visual used dynamic creative in a Tincup Whiskey campaign that ran during the 2022 Stanley Cup playoffs. Building on Tincup’s partnership with the Colorado Avalanche, DOOH ads were deployed around Denver’s Ball Arena. Creative featured live countdowns to home games, and content shifted at puck drop to show live scores. This enabled Tincup to align with fandom, emotion and cultural moments to engage with consumers.

Unlocking Interactive Experiences with QR Codes

Though QR codes are not new technology, they’ve experienced a resurgence that extends to the DOOH industry. Advertisers are placing QR codes on DOOH screens to link the physical world to a mobile experience—providing immediate, interactive connections with consumers.

“Having your phone in your hand and having the ability to actually scan, learn more or purchase on the go creates a frictionless experience for the consumer. QR codes can really expedite the purchase.”


The call-to-action of a QR code converts a passive observer to an active consumer. Furthermore, by prompting a consumer to take action, QR codes on DOOH ads can help brands measure campaign effectiveness and gather data on consumer engagement.

Want to learn more about exciting ways brands are approaching DOOH creative? Click the button below to watch the CPG DOOH Day 3.0 webinar.