The Power of Authenticity: Insights from Quotient’s Creator Series Live Events

Content creator Greivy shares her insights with the audience at Quotient’s Creator Series Live event in New York City.

As authenticity increasingly reigns supreme across social media and online content, Quotient recently introduced Creator Series Live events to facilitate meaningful discussions between content creators and brands on the importance of genuine connections.

Last month, Quotient organized events in both New York City and Chicago, providing platforms for engaging conversations with a handpicked group of content creators. These discussions centered around their professional journeys, strategies and insights, offering a glimpse into the evolving direction of the industry.

Read on to discover the top takeaways from these gatherings.

Finding Your Authentic Voice

At the New York City event, we had the privilege of hearing from content creators Wendy JB (@itswendyjb) and Greivy (@greivy). They shared their personal stories and the challenges they’ve encountered while forging their paths in the digital landscape.

The Chicago event explored the art of authentic storytelling and the importance of staying true to oneself. Creators Diggy Moreland (@diggymoreland) and Rachel Mooreland (@heyraychh) took the stage, sharing their content strategies and unique journeys.

Here are some of the key takeaways from these insightful gatherings:

  • Authenticity Creates Impact: All panelists emphasized that being true to oneself and embracing vulnerability is the key to making a lasting impact on social media platforms.
  • Navigating Challenges: The creators shared their experiences of overcoming hurdles and staying resilient in the face of criticism or imposter syndrome, which is the feeling of inadequacy or uncertainty about one’s abilities or accomplishments. They encouraged aspiring creators to embrace authenticity as their superpower.
  • Building Communities: A recurring theme throughout the event was the significance of fostering communities based on shared values and interests. The panelists stressed the importance of engaging with their audience and creating spaces that promote genuine connections.

“People that follow us are used to a certain sort of content, and if they don't get that, they will not like it.”


  • Storytelling with Purpose: The panelists emphasized the importance of employing narratives that resonate with their audiences on a deeper level. By crafting stories with purpose and meaning, creators can build lasting connections.
  • Embracing Vulnerability: Authentic storytelling often requires creators to share vulnerable moments from their lives. By bravely embracing vulnerability, they can establish genuine connections and inspire others to do the same.
  • Amplifying Diverse Voices: Our panelists highlighted the significance of diverse representation in storytelling. By amplifying underrepresented voices and sharing diverse narratives, creators can foster a more inclusive space.

“[When working with brands], I don’t want to feel as if I am checking a box or keeping a brand from getting criticized.”


Join us for our upcoming in-person and virtual Creator Series events, where we delve into the world of content creation, champion authenticity and provide a thriving platform for creators and brands to connect with their audiences in meaningful ways.

Tune in to the latest episode of the Creator Series podcast, part of Quotient’s Meaningful Marketing podcast, to hear the insightful conversation with Diggy Moreland and Rachel Mooreland during our Creator Series Live event in Chicago.

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