eCommerce Insights and the Retail Landscape

Mike Merna is the Senior Commercial Lead on eCommerce, which focuses on Quotient’s sponsored search offering. In our recent spotlight interview, Mike shared how he’s seen eCommerce change during his time at Quotient, how COVID-19…read more

Coronavirus by Category: Household & Personal Care

You may have seen the first half of our series on how Coronavirus is changing shopper behavior at the category level. Today, we have a brand new installment: household and personal care insights.  Just like with the food and beverage insights we covered, the household and personal…read more

Coronavirus by Category: Food & Beverage

Coronavirus is still driving sweeping changes in shopper behavior across categories, brands, channels and retailers—keeping marketers on their toes to create strategies that will succeed in this environment.  We at Quotient analyzed our exclusive retailer, shopper,…read more