eBook: How to Win the Back-to-School Season

Before you know it, class will be back in session. Now is the time for brands to start planning their back-to-school campaigns, and that means paying attention to the emerging trends that will be on consumers’ minds. Our new Back-to-School eBook is your brand’s essential guide to connecting with back-to-school shoppers.

The eBook includes trend insights from content creators in our network plus a spotlight on one of our favorite back-to-school campaigns. Keep reading for some of the top takeaways.

Back-to-School Trends and Campaign Strategies

For insights into the trends emerging this back-to-school season, we turned to Quotient’s talented and diverse influencer network. They shared insights and predictions for the upcoming school year, with concepts like authenticity and sustainability shaping trends in many categories.

To reach consumers in a competitive market, it’s key to design omnichannel strategies and reach parents and students at multiple touchpoints. Our campaign with Purell® combined social media and promotions channels to reach back-to-school shoppers at meaningful touchpoints and drive results.

Interested in more back-to-school inspiration? Download our eBook to see the trends and strategies you need to plan an impactful omnichannel strategy.