How Mocktails Are Taking Over Summer and Beyond

Summer is one of the most important times of year for brands because consumers have more time to travel, relax and try new things. In our recent summer eBook—which includes inspiration for brands as they plan summer campaigns—content creators from Quotient’s network of 19,000 influencers identified alcohol-free mocktails as one of the trends to watch in the upcoming season.

As the days get longer and warmer, Americans enjoy refreshing beverages such as classic beer or a premixed cocktail. But after alcohol consumption in the U.S. surged by 20% during lockdowns in the summer of 2020, we’re now seeing less emphasis on alcohol.

In fact, one in three Americans say they are trying to drink less this year, citing reasons like saving money, improving physical and mental health or concerns about addiction. 

Gen Z seems to be a big driver in the sober-curious swing. While 42% of millennials report drinking on a regular basis, only 21% of Gen Z does. Seventy percent of Gen Z survey respondents said they don’t drink simply because “they don’t want to.”

Our influencer network not only offers beautiful, authentic content that bridges the gap between brands and consumers, they also can provide counsel and feedback to brands on trends that resonate and how the landscape is evolving.

We spoke with content creator Allison Paley about the low-alcohol movement and how adult beverage companies can be mindful of this progression.

How does your audience resonate with the low-alcohol movement? 

Short answer, people want to be healthier.

People, including my followers, are growing more conscious of how alcohol impacts their lives. Some people are just trying to be more mindful or are pacing themselves at a social event, while some are looking to cut out alcohol entirely.

The majority of my followers fall into that “mindful” category. I believe my generation has a focus on improving our mind and body organically. Again, they realize the impact drinking can have on our mental health. I think this is one of the biggest reasons why my audience has resonated with normalizing mocktails and making it more comfortable for people to choose that route in a social setting.

How can brands use content creators to cater to this audience? 

Really by just explaining the benefits of moderation. 

A big thing that is driving mocktail interest is the anxiety economy. So, explaining the impact alcohol can have on mental health and showing the positives of mocktails can really show potential consumers why this might be a better fit for their lifestyle—no hangovers, having the next day to feel energized and productive, low-calorie drinking while still enjoying the same great taste.

The mocktail industry and this movement is doing a great job of making these drinks taste almost identical to the original alcoholic beverage. One of the biggest ways we can reach this audience is by showing them how staying present in the moment and not having this buzz or fuzziness can really make a better experience in the long run—and you can drive yourself home!

How can brands—including adult beverage companies—adapt? 

I do not think mocktails are just a seasonal trend. Mocktails are flooding the market, and they will only become more popular as people become increasingly mindful of their health.

In every successful business, whether adult beverage or not, someone is pushing to implement trends and adjust the business model, so mocktails should arise no different than any other issue that adult beverage companies have faced.

These companies can do things like adopting a variety of mocktails, explaining their benefits, creating mocktails to emulate the original alcoholic beverage, and utilizing ingredients like CBD, natural mood-enhancing herbals—things like that are growing in popularity and can attract customers.

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