eBook: Understanding and Preventing Coupon Fraud

The digital promotions channel is one of the most powerful ways to reach modern consumers—promotions can motivate consumers to try new products, repurchase items or increase their basket sizes. However, promotions have the potential for misuse, and building safeguards into campaigns is critical to protecting brand incrementality. Our new eBook, “Empowering Consumers, Protecting Brands,” is your guide to leveraging the promotions channel without the risks.

When brands run promotions, concerns can arise about coupon stacking, counterfeiting and other activities that can impact return on investment (ROI). Quotient’s brand-first approach is the solution to these concerns. We build safeguards—including identify verification and behavioral monitoring algorithms—into every promotions campaign. 

These safeguards prevent fraudulent activity and protect campaign effectiveness, making sure that brands can deliver the right promotions to the right audience at the right time, empowering consumers to save money and while achieving brand goals.

Want to learn more about how Quotient’s brand-first approach can protect your brand? Download our eBook now.