eBook: How to Win the Cold & Flu Season

The cold and flu season is a key opportunity for brands to reach consumers seeking products that ease symptoms, sanitize spaces or help them avoid getting sick. In the United States, cold and flu season typically lasts from early October to mid-May, making now the time for brands to start planning campaigns. Our new cold and flu eBook is your brand’s guide to connecting with shoppers during the season.

The eBook includes seasonal trend insights from influencers in our network plus spotlights from successful cold and flu season campaigns. Keep reading for some of the top takeaways.

Cold & Flu Trends and Campaign Strategies

To learn what consumer trends will emerge during this year’s cold and flu season, we spoke with influencers from Quotient’s expansive network. They highlighted a shift towards holistic, natural wellness, including trends like air purifiers, supplements, herbal teas and immunity-boosting foods.

Beyond understanding consumer trends, it’s key to design omnichannel campaigns to reach consumers with relevant messaging at the right time and place. Our campaigns with Kleenex® and Eucerin® used sophisticated omnichannel strategies to connect with seasonal shoppers at everyday touchpoints, driving results that efficiently delivered on brand goals.

Interested in more cold and flu season inspiration? Download our eBook to learn the trends and strategies you need to plan effective campaigns.