Programmatic DOOH: ‘Two Good’ for CPG Brands to Resist

Programmatic activation has revolutionized how advertisers approach digital out-of-home (DOOH) media. At the recent CPG DOOH Day 3.0, hosted by the DPAA and Quotient, sessions with industry leaders revealed how brands and advertisers are using this channel, including Danone, a leading international food CPG company, and media agency Wavemaker boosted awareness of Two Good® smoothies.

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Increasing Brand Awareness with Programmatic DOOH

The advent of programmatic technology has revolutionized the way CPG brands approach DOOH within their omnichannel campaigns. The channel now presents a highly effective means to activate, target and measure DOOH media alongside other channels.

Recently, Danone and Wavemaker leveraged the channel to drive awareness of Danone’s new Two Good smoothies. Using programmatic technology, the campaign strategically targeted consumers who would be most likely to purchase the product and activated DOOH media on screens such as billboards and urban panels.

“This campaign was in the fabric of cities on a mix of billboards and other screens. We could target people who had purchased our Two Good yogurt … and then utilize that data to really hone in on the key consumer. We measured ROAS, and this campaign actually blew the metrics out of the water.”


DOOH measurement is another key advantage inspiring more brands to invest in the programmatic capabilities of the channel. Advertisers can capture data like number of views, dwell times and ad interactions. These metrics enabled the Two Good campaign team to quantify a nearly 50% lift in awareness and 40% increase in recall—impressive results that highlight the power of the programmatic DOOH channel.

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