How DOOH Fits into CPG Marketers’ Omnichannel Playbook

As omnichannel marketing continues to evolve to fit the demands of the modern shopper, marketing leaders came together at the DPAA’s CPG DOOH Event to discuss the role of programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) activation in bridging the gap between online and in-person shopping experiences. 

Panelists for the session titled “The Omnichannel CPG Retail Media Opportunity” included Dave Etherington, Chief Commercial Officer at Place Exchange; Linda Crowder, Sales Team Lead at Peapod Digital Labs; Mike Schott, Revenue Leader at Volta Charging; and Norm Chait, Quotient’s Senior Director of the OOH Practice. Watch the segment below or continue reading to uncover a few of the panel’s highlights. 

Reaching Modern Consumers

Retail media is booming. As the panel pointed out, investment in this space is estimated to exceed $100 billion globally by 2024. But while retail media is growing tremendously and shoppers are integrating these digital touchpoints into their shopping routines, 85% of purchases are still happening in physical retail locations. 

Because of how the channel bridges the physical and digital worlds, DOOH has rapidly emerged as a true omnichannel marketing tactic for CPGs. The panelists discussed how DOOH can be implemented on the journey to the store and at the point of purchase inside retail locations. Increasingly, programmatic activation is being used to execute these campaigns. 

“The most important thing a retail media network offers CPGs is data about that shopper. It gives them the closeness to the shopper’s activities, gives them an understanding of the shopper’s purchase habits and the ability to tie both the physical store shelf signs they immediately see in front of the product with the digital sponsored search and other programs that we can deliver. DOOH really provides that magic combination so that you’re really providing omnichannel marketing to what has become a very omnichannel grocery consumer.”
Linda Crowder, Sales Team Lead at Peapod Digital Labs

Crowder noted that DOOH, coupled with the programmatic capability to deliver the right message at the right time, presents marketers with performance metrics that can be compared to other campaign touchpoints. Accurately attributing DOOH’s impact means brands can better understand the success of the retail programs they have in place, which, of course, is critical for CPGs as they proceed with their marketing plans.

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