How Brands Navigate the Fragmented World of Retail Media

As the retail media landscape explodes with growth and opportunity, fragmentation presents CPGs and other brands with questions about how to effectively navigate, allocate resources and measure performance. At last month’s Path to Purchase Retail Media Summit, leading industry experts from Quotient, Bayer, and Mondelēz joined a panel to address these challenges and shed light on innovative retail media solutions and strategies that empower brands to make the most of this exciting and evolving environment.

Keep reading to learn the key takeaways from this insightful panel discussion.

Retail Media Pain Points for Brands

As more and more brands—including CPGs—diversify their media mix and invest in retail media, they are better positioned to capitalize on the expanding digital landscape. However, the surge in retail media expansion has created some pain points for brands.

Lisa Obaidullah, Head of Commerce Media Investment and Activation at Bayer, agreed that retail media presents challenges with measurement, targeting and adapting to a rapidly evolving space. To overcome these challenges, they’re focused on educating their teams and planning for the future of retail media.

“We have adopted a long-run mentality when it comes to [retail media] expansion. We are making sure that we are surgically making a decision in terms of where we’re going to invest, how we’re going to dip our toe in the water, making sure we have the right KPIs and frameworks so we can create something that is sustainable for the future.”


How to Thrive in the World of Retail Media

David Fanska, Senior Director of Analytic and Data Product at Quotient, discussed how Quotient is helping brands tap into retail media through our Retail Ad Network. This innovative solution streamlines retail media campaigns by consolidating them onto a single platform.

“We solve for CPGs’ primary pain point with just one activation and one solution. The network scores all users based on propensity to purchase at a given retailer, so we can then make sure we’re targeting the right message, the right time, the right retailer logo, the right call to action in all of our media.”


Quotient’s demand-side platform activates all Retail Ad Network campaigns. Programmatic technology then serves target consumers dynamic, co-branded creative with the right messages and offers to drive results.

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