AdTech Talk: Insights on the Modern Consumer

In our inaugural episode of AdTech Talk, part of Quotients Meaningful Marketing podcast, host Lisa Thompson led an engaging conversation with Quotient CEO Matt Krepsik and Elise Armitage, founder and host of the popular blog and podcast What The Fab. Together, they delved into the ever-evolving behaviors of the modern consumer, exploring innovative strategies to effectively engage shoppers across multiple touchpoints.

Read on for the key takeaways or listen to the full podcast below. 

Placing Importance on Ethics and Sustainability 

The discussion kicked off with a focus on how consumers are increasingly prioritizing ethics and sustainability in their purchasing decisions. Notably, the Gen Z cohort, now in their mid-20s, holds a significant influence as consumers. A McKinsey study revealed that 70% of Gen Z respondents actively seek out products from companies they perceive as ethical.

Armitage shared insights from her network, highlighting a shifting conversation from fast fashion and consumerism to minimalism. Consumers are seeking products of higher quality, aligning with brands that demonstrate social and environmental responsibility. This shift is characterized by a preference for fewer, well-curated items, rather than amassing numerous identical pieces. It’s about making conscious choices and feeling confident in supporting brands with transparent sustainability practices.

“I’m seeing a shift in conversation. It’s less around fast fashion and consumerism and more to minimalism. What are the things that are maybe more expensive, but higher quality—a brand that you can stand behind, you can understand what their sustainability practices are and feel good about those purchases?”
Elise Armitage, Founder, What the Fab

The Evolving Landscape of the Modern Consumer

Recognizing the fluid nature of consumer habits, the conversation emphasized the importance of anticipating continuous evolution. Krepsik suggested that the era of singular campaigns is behind us. Instead, advertisers need to adopt a network approach, delivering messages across multiple channels. With an average consumer encountering seven to 10 touchpoints before making a purchase, a well-choreographed and consistent approach becomes crucial to supporting and engaging consumers throughout their path to purchase. 

“As you think about building that campaign, when you think about reaching consumers, it truly is about taking a network approach. You want to deliver that message across multiple mediums, multiple channels and multiple voices in a way that is both authentic and meaningful for them across each of those individual moments.”
Matt Krepsik, CEO, Quotient

As consumer behaviors continue to evolve, brands, agencies and retailers must adapt their strategies to effectively connect with the modern consumer. The first episode of AdTech Talk provided valuable insights into the rising importance of ethics and sustainability, the shift towards minimalism and the necessity of a network approach to reach consumers authentically.

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