Coronavirus by Category: Household & Personal Care

You may have seen the first half of our series on how Coronavirus is changing shopper behavior at the category level. Today, we have a brand new installment: household and personal care insights. 

Just like with the food and beverage insights we covered, the household and personal care categories have experienced numerous changes driven by COVID-19. By analyzing our exclusive retailer, shopper and point-of-sale data, we were able to identify actionable strategies for brands to use in future campaign planning. 

How Coronavirus is Changing the Household Category

The household category has been an interesting one to watch during the COVID-19 period given the high levels of demand for cleaning products, toilet paper and paper towels during the early phases of the pandemic. 

Due to heightened awareness around cleanliness and sanitation because of coronavirus, sales for “Cleaning Products” are still elevated—showing a sales lift of 35% over baseline averages. While not at their previous peak sales lift of 185% the week of March 9–March 15, 2020, it’s important to note that people are still maintaining elevated cleaning levels. They’re spending more time at home, which means they’re making more messes and have more time to clean. 

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The household category has experienced changes as a result of COVID-19. Download our eBook to learn more.

For further shopper behavior insights in the household category, download “Coronavirus and the Home: How COVID-19 Is Changing Shopper Behavior.” 

How Coronavirus is Changing the Personal Care Category

The COVID-19 period has been a stressful time for shoppers, and social distancing measures continue to limit movement outside the house. 

With shoppers continuing to spend increased time at home, self-care has been a major focus during the Coronavirus period. For example, sales for “Nail Polish” showed a 118% lift over baseline averages. Depending on where they’re located, this could be connected to shoppers’ inability to go to the salon to refresh their manicures or pedicures. A fresh coat of nail polish is also an easy way for shoppers to pamper themselves at home and create an indulgent moment of self-care. 

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Shoppers are changing their personal care purchasing behavior. Download our eBook to learn more.

For further shopper behavior insights in the personal care category, download “COVID-19 and Personal Care: How Coronavirus Is Changing Shopper Behavior.” 

Understanding Coronavirus at the Category Level 

We hope you enjoyed this series on the changes in shopper behavior at the category level due to COVID-19. For further insight on how Quotient can leverage its exclusive data to inform campaign strategy and drive connection with consumers, contact us at [email protected].