Father & daughter cooking together in kitchen

Baking Ingredients Are Selling Like Hotcakes: Interpreting the Data and Explaining the Recent Demand for Flour

Picture of hands kneading dough on a floured table

Baking is on the rise, and we’re not just talking about leavened bread!

How Do Baked Goods Relate to COVID-19 Even as Restaurants Are Reopening?

At the onset of COVID-19, when restaurants were closed, cooking became a necessity with more family members at home for more meals. But cooking and baking have also become a source of comfort and entertainment, as consumers are filling the extra time on their hands by finessing their skills in the kitchen and creating treats for friends and family members as a taste of sweet relief during these uncertain times.

Father and daughter cooking together in kitchen
Shoppers are spending their spare time in the kitchen.

When shoppers stocked up on necessities at the end of March, our data shows that sales in the baking category (including cake, brownie, cookie mixes, flour, sugar, baking powder/soda, extracts, oils, shortenings, etc.) peaked by the week ending on 3/22 at +118% but have remained higher than average at about 60% per week since.

Even as restaurants and stores have begun to open their doors for business, baking products are still selling like hotcakes as baking category sales were up 28% for the week ending on 6/14—indicating that this hobby is likely to continue to appeal to shoppers for the foreseeable future.

So, What Does Quotient’s Data Say About the Demand for Flour?

Since flour is a pantry staple and a key ingredient in many recipes, shoppers are experimenting with dishes such as banana bread, sourdough, breaded dinners and more. Flour has specifically been reached for by shoppers, as sales were up 214% in March and peaked at 294%. Sales reached 109% in April, 75% in May and were up 34% in the last two weeks.

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Now is the perfect time to share cooking and baking inspiration with shoppers through social influencers.

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*Lift is calculated by taking the percentage change in the applicable metric compared to the baseline week-over-week. The baseline is calculated based on the weeks of 12/30/19 through 1/20/20. Data is inclusive of aggregated and anonymized data from multiple Quotient retail partners.