TYLENOL® Targets Right Moments Through Programmatic DOOH

As programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) continues its growth trajectory, marketers from Johnson & Johnson and media agency J3 joined Quotient to discuss how pain reliever brand TYLENOL® leveraged the channel in a recent innovative campaign. The session, which took place at this year’s DPAA-hosted CPG Event, focused on how programmatic DOOH allowed the brand to achieve national scale and precise targeting goals.

The TYLENOL campaign’s strategic execution and outstanding results were recognized by The Drum Awards for Best Use of Programmatic.

Keep reading for our key takeaways from the campaign, or watch the full session below. 

Connecting at the Right Touchpoints

Stephanie Espinoza, Associate Brand Manager for TYLENOL, said one objective of this campaign was to increase brand awareness for shoppers with certain health conditions. As she explained, since some consumers have to be particularly careful about which medications they take, campaign messaging would inform these consumers that TYLENOL is recommended for many special conditions. 

The campaign targeted four key conditions: high blood pressure, high blood pressure with joint pain, high blood pressure with knee pain and high blood pressure with minor arthritis pain. At the same time, the campaign amplified a promotion—a $5 reward with the purchase of two adult TYLENOL products. Precision targeting included a blend of billboards, street furniture and screens in retailer pharmacies and gyms. 

“It's not just about the promotion or even the awareness message, but, really, it's about the experience the consumer is having through multiple touchpoints.”
Stephanie Espinoza, Associate Brand Manager at Tylenol

Cindi Cordaro, Health and Beauty Sales Director at Quotient, said the campaign leveraged Quotient’s exclusive consumer spending data and layered on location data, purchase intent data and third-party data to generate a deep understanding of the consumer and craft a relevant message. 

Turning Strategy Into Results 

Ultimately, the campaign saw an incredible $36.83 return on ad spend (ROAS), 17% new purchasers to the brand and 35% new purchasers to the category. Francesca Giordano, VP, Partner and J3 Shopper at UM Worldwide, said the success of the campaign was largely due to understanding different consumers and reaching them at the right moments. The panelists agreed that the DOOH channel has become essential to delivering consumers messages that matter to them. 

Building on the success of this campaign, the TYLENOL team said they plan to continue to integrate DOOH into its holistic strategy to reach consumers in genuine ways.  

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