44% Sales Lift for Premixed Cocktails

and Other Sales Lifts and Social Engagement Increases Leading up to Mother’s Day

Moms are notorious for putting others before themselves. On Mother’s Day, people make an effort to prioritize their mothers and ensure their consistent love and effort doesn’t go unnoticed.  

We analyzed social category trends from the week leading up to Mother’s Day last year to see how data from consumers celebrating their moms can inspire future campaign planning.  


Increase of 24% for “Brunch” 

As the saying goes, sometimes the way to the heart is through the stomach. Leading up to Mother’s Day, many shoppers have planned to treat their moms to a nice meal or dessert according to Quotient internal data.

Brunch increased 24% in social engagement and Sausage saw a 13% sales lift as consumers prepared to make a homecooked breakfast in bed or brunch to spoil their moms.

Baking Mixes and Pie Crust also had 16% and 13% sales lift respectively as shoppers planned to bake a variety of sweet treats.

44% Lift for Premixed Cocktails

A toast to all the wonderful mothers out there. According to Quotient internal data, consumers created a variety of cocktails and mixed drinks in order to celebrate their moms for Mother’s Day.

Frozen Juice experienced a 24% sales lift and Grapefruit Juice increased 58% in social engagement leading up to this holiday, indicating that shoppers are preparing to be their mother’s mixologist for the day.

Premixed Cocktails, Pink Cocktail and Alcoholic Cider also lifted in sales 44%, 41% and 8% respectively leading up to Mother’s Day.

27% Sales Increase for Hair Care Accessories

Ranging from the beauty to self-care to household categories, shoppers search for ways to make their mothers feel their very best—especially leading up to Mother’s Day. Pain Relieving Devices, like handheld massage machines, experienced a 28% sales lift last year. Hair Care Accessories, Hair Coloring, Fragrances and Cosmetics rose in sales 27%, 35%, 22% and 11%.  

Consumers looking to shower their mothers in love around the upcoming holiday may have contributed to the 25% sales lift in Bath Products or 58% increase in social engagement for the term Care Packages. 

Cleaning Supplies also increased in social engagement leading up to Mother’s Day as shoppers look to create a sparkling environment for their moms.

We hope you found this Mother’s Day round-up of trends inspiring and helpful! For more insight into how Quotient can help inform your future holiday campaign planning, get in touch with our team at general@quotient.com or check out our dedicated data and analytics page.

Quotient Social Trends Data (2020-04-27 to 2020-05-10 vs. 2020-01-01 to 2020-04-26 and 2020-05-11 to 2020-12-31)