10 Cities With Up to 104% Candy Sales Lift

And Other Beloved Valentine’s Day Trends

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, which must be why consumers are eager to celebrate Valentine’s Day after a year of social distancing. Despite the global pandemic, people are finding safe and responsible ways to celebrate this day of love with themselves, their significant others, friends or family.

We analyzed our exclusive data to reveal areas with the largest candy sales lifts, rising consumer trends and more. Check out our suggestions for a sweet 2021 Valentine’s Day campaign strategy below.

43% Lift for Candy

After the year we’ve had, consumers are ready to treat themselves! When looking at last year’s trends, candy experienced an overall 43% sales lift nationwide during the Valentine’s Day period compared to the rest of the year, while selling at even greater amounts in the following DMAs:

Valentine’s Day Trends

While candy selling around Valentine’s Day is no surprise, there are many other trends surrounding Valentine’s Day that can also be adapted to be COVID-19 compliant. “Charcuterie” and other snack spreads are trending according to our social trends platform, and no arrangement of food is sweeter than candy, chocolates, fruit and more—which people can enjoy in the comfort of their own home in intimate gatherings.

On top of confectionary trends, DIY gifts and wine and beer kits (increased in sales 101% in 2020) are trending this Valentine’s Day. Advertisers should use these consumer trends as a cue in their campaign planning. For instance, a brand could share how to a craft DIY chocolate-covered strawberries bouquet or suggest to consumers specific candy and wine pairings with a digital out-of-home (DOOH) ad.

No Better Love Than Self Love

Love starts from within! In order to stay safe while also staying true to this year’s trend of self-care, we expect many consumers will take Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to indulge in personal care, including warm or alcoholic beverages, skin and hair care, bath bombs and more.

Our exclusive data shows that Hot Chocolate sales increased 131% in 2020 around Valentine’s Day and DIY Hot Chocolate Bombs are trending currently—creating a big opportunity for brands. This Do-It-Yourself treat dually serves as the perfect chilly weather pick-me-up and self-pampering beverage for consumers this Valentine’s Day.

Hot Chocolate sales increased 131% in 2020 around Valentine’s Day and DIY Hot Chocolate Bombs are trending currently.

To bring this trend to life, brands can inspire shoppers to treat themselves to this cozy drink along with other at-home spa category trends such as face masks, bath bombs, candles, a glass of wine or cocktail and more.

Home is Where the Heart Is—and Also Dinner, Drinks & Dessert!

Dinner reservations can be hard to come by on Valentine’s Day, and with limited seating this year as well as hesitation due to the pandemic, it can be expected that many couples will make and share their romantic Valentine’s Day dinners at home.

Brands can support couples this holiday by sharing a variety of romantic dinner recipes ranging in expertise level, dessert classics and creative cocktails. Strawberries, chocolate cake, brownies, baking mix, cocktails, and beer and wine making kits are trending, making now the perfect opportunity to share with consumers.

26% Sales Lift in Cosmetics

Regardless of masks, people still want to express themselves and feel confident this Valentine’s Day—which led to a 26% sales lift in cosmetics and 17% sales lift in hair styling products around last Valentine’s Day.

Around Valentine's Day 2020, we saw a 26% sales lift in cosmetics and 17% sales lift in hair styling products.

Although a red lip may not be the most popular look this year due to face coverings, brands can inspire consumers with festive eye shadow looks, makeup featuring a pink rosy cheek, hair tutorials and more.

People are finding ways to celebrate this beloved holiday in safe ways regardless of the circumstances. 2021 campaign planning can seem challenging, but we can help! Reach out to us at communications@quotient.com to begin your campaign strategy today.