How CPG Leader Danone Optimizes Campaigns Through Measurement

At its core, campaign measurement gives brands and advertisers important insights to better understand and plan their marketing efforts. For our clients who rely on Quotient’s expansive network to reach consumer touchpoints at scale, we offer a multi-touch omnichannel measurement platform, Quotient Analytics, to accurately report the performance of those marketing efforts. Fully leveraging the power of the data requires not only a sophisticated, holistic approach to the measurement itself, but it also takes talented marketers on the brand side to interpret and disseminate those insights to their respective teams. 

One such marketing mind is Mary Kate Kaufman, Associate Manager of Consumer Promotions at large CPG company Danone—makers of dairy and plant-based products and beverages. At Danone, multi-touch measurement plays an essential role in prioritizing return on investment (ROI) and ensuring that campaign budgets are being spent efficiently and effectively. Kaufman’s role focuses on executing national campaigns across food and beverage categories and using the resulting data insights to manage budgets and optimize future campaign planning. We sat down with Kaufman to understand her day-to-day challenges and how Quotient Analytics helps her teams keep pace with an evolving marketing landscape. 

What are the key metrics that you look for when planning and measuring campaigns? 

Since campaign optimization is a key focus of your role, how does measurement impact your team’s decision-making and strategy?

How does having access to campaign data help Danone innovate for future campaigns? 

What is most valuable about the in-flight campaign measurement found in Quotient Analytics?

What has been your experience working on the Quotient Analytics platform?

Multi-touch measurement empowers marketing professionals like Kaufman to gain deep campaign insights and work smarter. When we interviewed Kaufman in mid-2022, she noted, “It would be beneficial to be able to merge our media and couponing on the same reporting portal to make it easier to compare apples to apples and see the best optimizations.” With the recent addition of promotions to our multi-touch measurement, this is now a reality for Danone and other brands to understand how these important channels work together to generate campaign results.  

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