Measurement Platform Now Combines Promotions with Media

Today’s brands and advertisers rely on omnichannel campaigns to reach their audiences across touchpoints. That’s why we are proud to unveil our new measurement solution combining promotions and media together in one holistic platform, allowing our clients to understand how these channels work together and ensure that every shoppable moment is attributable. 

“As retail media networks continue to transform the advertising landscape and boost retailers’ bottom lines, the wider industry is grappling with the differing measurement solutions found across mediums. With this in mind, we’re thrilled to be launching a solution that enables our clients to maximize their return on investment. Consumer shopping behaviors are constantly changing, and the latest addition to our omnichannel measurement capabilities aims to help brands better understand promotions and media together.”
Matt Krepsik, CEO of Quotient

Consumers’ purchase journeys are becoming increasingly nonlinear, making omnichannel measurement crucial for modern marketers, who have been eager to measure media and promotions together. Mary Kate Kaufman, Associate Manager of Consumer Promotions at Danone, a CPG company and Quotient client, said, “It would be beneficial to be able to merge our media and couponing on the same reporting portal to make it easier to compare apples to apples and see the best optimizations.” 

Now, with the addition of promotions to our multi-touch attribution, accessing transparent, deduplicated results across marketing channels is finally possible for Danone and other brands. Advertisers can use Quotient’s self-service, on-demand measurement platform to get the insights they need to understand attributable sales, plan budgets and optimize future campaigns holistically across promotions and media.

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