Top Father’s Day Trends for Campaign Planning

As vaccination rates continue to rise, people are spending more time out of home. That means that holidays and special occasions are once again creating an opportunity for consumers to gather together with friends and family.  

With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, we wanted to see what people were interested in ahead of the holiday. We conducted an analysis of trending topics on the Quotient Social Platform to see what kind of products people were searching for on social in the month leading up to Father’s Day.  

Read on for the results. 

What the Data Says About Dads

Traditional favorites reign supreme this Father’s Day. When examining cross-category trends from the month leading up to Father’s Day, classic themes like grilling, camping, home improvement and alcoholic beverages emerged.

What does that mean for your brand? Each of these themes can include a variety of CPG products. Maybe it’s food and drink items that can be used in grilling recipes or served around a campfire, but these themes can also include paper towels and disposable dishware for easy clean-up, bug spray to keep pests away while in the great outdoors or even portable toiletries and single-use first aid supplies that can be included in camping kits.

The key for advertisers and retailers is to use a variety of tactics and channels to reach interested consumers while incorporating audience and behavioral insights from first-party data to personalize your media and promotions.

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Source: Quotient Social Platform, March 18 vs. May 18, 2021

Lift for Social Data is calculated by taking the percent change in social engagement compared to the same day in the previous month.