Hy-Vee and Quotient Expand Partnership

Hy-Vee Digital Media Network will drive brand awareness and sales for advertisers while also delivering more digital savings to retailers' customers.

We’re excited to announce that we’re expanding our partnership with Hy-Vee to deliver offsite media services and experiencesdigital promotions, measurement and granular targeting through the Hy-Vee Digital Media Network. These offsite media services will include display, digital out-of-home, social media and more.

“Quotient brings us the winning combination of industry expertise, scale, technology and data to more strategically reach and serve our customers. The personalized savings that this partnership will bring to our customers further expands on our promise to deliver great value and exceptional service.”
—Jessica Ringena, Chief Digital Officer and Senior VP, Hy-Vee

Read the full press release for more details. 

Hy-Vee Partnership Drives Efficiency, Measurable Results and Convenience

With this new partnership, brands can use Quotient data to target shoppers with relevant offers at multiple points along the customer journey—putting the right offer in front of the right customer at the right time. Brands can also track the success of campaigns, including return on ad spend and return on promotion spend. This partnership allows us to provide Hy-Vee and advertisers with insight into how campaigns are performing when compared to sales.   

Our Retailer Promotions Platform powers digital coupons through Hy-Vee’s website to give shoppers a more personalized and convenient digital experience. Hy-Vee is the latest retailer to roll out our new Promotion Amplification solution, combining retailer point-of-sale and loyalty card data with weekly retailer temporary price reductions (TPRs) pricing feeds to target and automate digital media to the right audiences when offers are available in store. 

“We’re thrilled that Hy-Vee has looked to Quotient to power the next generation of its digital savings platform to provide more value to brands as well as shoppers. The partnership comes as part of the continued expansion of Quotient’s retailer network, which captures point-of-sale data and enables intelligent targeting for brand campaigns.”
—Steven Boal, CEO and Founder, Quotient


We’re Excited to Expand Advertisers’ Reach to Hy-Vee Shoppers

With this partnership, our Retailer Performance Media platform enables advertisers to increase reach and engagement among Hy-Vee shoppers with their promotions and brand content.   

We're excited to use this partnership to deliver a seamless experience and increased value for consumers while also driving measurable sales both in-store and online for brands—making every dollar work harder. 

To learn more about retailer performance media or our new partnership with Hy-Vee, contact us at general@quotient.com