Halloween eCommerce Trending Up As Trick-or-Treat Approaches 

Spooky season is upon us, and signs are pointing to more traditional Halloween celebrations compared to one year ago. Not only are consumers’ holiday preparations well underway, but Dr. Anthony Fauci has greenlighted outdoor trick-or-treating as a safe activity for children and adults alike. 

Continue reading to discover eCommerce trends we’ve noticed creeping up as well as other patterns that may serve as an indicator for upcoming holidays and drive periods. 

Supply Chain Shortages Push Consumers to eCommerce

Did you know that the week leading up to Halloween accounts for over 10% of the entire year’s candy and chocolate sales? In fact, the top five days for candy sales come during this special spooky month, with October 28 topping the list. 

While the time to buy candy might not be changing, many consumers are still leaning heavily on eCommerce options to order their favorite grocery store tricks and treats. Shopping from the convenience of their own haunted house could be to navigate ongoing supply-chain-related product shortages or because they prefer the new hybrid on- and offline mode of shopping that has popularized during the pandemic. 

According to Quotient internal data, though 2021 in-store Halloween candy sales are essentially level with 2019, eCommerce sales have soared by +430%. Additionally, eCommerce sales for Candy Kits, Gum and Marshmallows are up +426%, +84% and +264%, respectively. It appears consumers aren’t afraid to shop online, especially for packaged seasonal items—a trend that’s predicted to carry into the rest of the holiday season and beyond. 

eCommerce Makeup Sales Leading Up to All Hallows’ Eve 

Halloween celebrations are the perfect opportunity for consumers to experiment with a variety boo-tiful looks and show off their scary-good makeup skills. Last year when many in-person celebrations were halted, consumers had to incorporate masks into their Halloween ensembles or serve their seasonal looks over video calls. 

Now that more consumers will be able to flash their fang-y grins this year, Lip Remedies (+749%), Lipstick (+129%) and Lip Gloss (+47%) have posted online sales gains over 2019. Eye cosmetics are experiencing surges on eCommerce as well, with Eyebrow and Eyeliner (+327%), False Eyelashes (+118%), Eyeshadow (+192%) and Mascara (+243%) all showing significant sales lifts. And, as shoppers make an effort to prevent makeup looks from haunting them the following day, Facial Wash (+245%) and Facial Cleansing Wipes (+232%) are up, too. 

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Source: Quotient eCommerce Sales Data, 8/30/2021–10/3/2021 vs. 8/31/2020–10/4/2020 vs. 8/26/2019–9/29/2019