Halloween Campaign Planning Is About More Than Just Candy

Don’t start carving your jack-o’-lanterns quite yet, but with five months until Halloween it’s time for marketers to start planning their campaigns. Thanks to our internal sales database, we have the data brands can use to create a scary-good marketing strategy. Keep reading to learn which category trends will have your customers spellbound as Halloween approaches.

Candy Cravings

Given how much this holiday caters to our sweet tooth, it’s no surprise that candy sales surge during Halloween season. From October 18-31, 2021—the two weeks leading up to last Halloween—all candy categories combined for a 107% sales lift over the 2021 daily average. For perspective, that’s a bigger run on candy than Valentine’s Day (+52%) and Easter (+28%) combined. 

Which candy varieties are most popular with trick-or-treaters? Looking at sales lifts, consumers crave everyday chocolate candy most (+103%), but they also purchase its non-chocolate counterpart (+57%). Of course, the biggest candy category surge comes from Halloween season-specific candy (+1,583%).

Getting Creative with Cosmetics

Our data also shows an across-the-board increase in cosmetics (+21%) during the two weeks leading up to Halloween as consumers get creative with spooky makeup looks. According to our Social Sales Director Victoria Nino, insights from Quotient’s Social Platform, internal sales data and Pinterest Predicts all point to Halloween makeup being especially bold this year.

“For Halloween 2022, we expect to see sales lifts for eye shadow, eye liner, false eyelashes, contour powder, lip liner and lipstick with a focus on glittery, jeweled and dark, shadowy looks. Additionally, shoppers will be supplementing these purchases with facial wash and wipes and various other cleansing products.”
—Victoria Nino, Social Sales Director at Quotient

Those predictions build on the top makeup trends from Halloween 2021, when we saw significant sales lift in eye shadow (+76%), false eyelashes (+72%), lip liner (+62%), face bronzer (+49%), lipstick (+45%) and eyebrow and eye liner products (+34%). Consumers also shopped for makeup applicators (+46%) to achieve the perfect look with their new cosmetics.

Besides makeup, consumers accessorized their costumes with false nails (+24%) and make a statement with semi-permanent (+25%) and temporary hair color (+20%). 

If these data insights spark ideas for your brand’s Halloween campaign, contact us today at [email protected] to get started on an omnichannel marketing strategy that thrills your audience.