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Sit, Stay, Sell: Cat vs. Dogs Go Paw to Paw in Quarantine Pet Product Sales

You’ve heard about the consumer runs on toilet paper and hand sanitizer, but what about the rush on new fur-friends? When states began shutting down in an effort to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, many consumers decided to use this newfound time at home to introduce a new pet into their lives. And with this increase in pet adoptions came a spike in pet product sales, too!

So, we at Quotient decided to take a deeper dive into our data to see which species is the most pampered: cats or dogs?

A Rush on New Pets Means Increased Pet Product Sales

Remember back at the beginning of the pandemic when it seemed like everyone and their mother was adopting a new COVID companion? Shelters were emptying out, and people were on mile-long waitlists to adopt new cats and dogs. While this trend may have begun in March, it’s since swelled to a full-on sales boom that, happily for pet CPGs, isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Statista reports that the pet market sales industry will hit a record-breaking $100 billion this year, with the majority of U.S. pet owners spending up to $500 on their pets per year.

So, with that being said, what exactly are people buying to pamper their pets both old and new? And is one species being spoiled more than the other? Quotient data found that some of the top overall pet product increases applied to cats as well as dogs. Pet Grooming products saw a 50% increase during the COVID timeframe (March–October 2020) compared to pre-COVID times, and Pet Toys saw a 28% increase. After all, people had to do something to keep their pets looking good and staying occupied during all those work-from-home video calls!

Trend bubbles showing the increase in specific pet product sales like Pet Grooming (+50%), Pet Toys (+28%) and Dog Control (+57%).
With people spending more time at home, pets (both new and old) are reaping the benefits.

One pet product in particular saw the largest overall increase in sales, but all those excitable new canine companions out there might not be as happy about it as their owners. According to Quotient Data, Dog Control products like leashes, collars and training harnesses saw a 57% sales increase compared to the pre-COVID period

New Pets Are Something to Celebrate

From making their pets their new coworkers to showing them off for viral challenges online, it’s easy to see why animal lovers are eager to pamper their new four-legged friends. And knowing that the holidays are right around the corner, now is the perfect time to inspire all those new pet parents with pawsome stocking stuffer ideas for dogs and cats alike.

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