Local Students Get Back-to-School Boost From Quotient Supply Drive

Back to school can be a very exciting time for students. This year is especially significant as millions of students head back to the classroom after over a year away from friends, teachers and in-person learning. To help make this transition as smooth as possible, Quotient employees hosted a back-to-school supply drive across all of our US offices.

Access to Supplies Provides Foundation for Success

It is estimated that more than 12 million children live in poverty in the US, with their families often struggling to provide their students with the proper school supplies necessary to succeed. Access to these supplies can significantly impact a students’ classroom engagement, self-esteem and overall academic success. 

To support students in need, employees were provided a variety of giving options through the Quotient for Change program. Contributions could be made monetarily on our matching gift platform, in-person using the donation collection boxes in our offices or virtually by using either Amazon Wish Lists or online giving pages. 

Focused on making a local impact in the communities we live and work in, recipient organizations were selected based on their proximity to our US offices. 

In total, our offices surpassed our monetary goal and donated thousands of individual school supplies to children in need. 

Investing in youth education is a key facet of the Quotient for Change program and we look forward to supporting the students in our communities on their journeys to academic success. For more information about our corporate philanthropy program, visit the Quotient for Change page by clicking the link below.