Quotient Bangalore named 'Great Place to Work' for Second Year in a Row!

We're proud to recognize our Bangalore office for their second consecutive "Great Places to Work" award win!

These Quotient team members consistently demonstrate their awesome and adaptive work culture through their approach to COVID-19, communication and transparency, recognizing employees and more.

This annual award recognizes the best workplaces after an assessment of employee experiences though a globally validated survey instrument and a culture audit.

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Senior HR Generalist Bhavana Raju about what makes Quotient Bangalore such an outstanding place to work.

Why is Quotient Bangalore a "Great Place to Work"? 

The key to our workplace culture is that we shape our team environment around Quotient's five values: Integrity, Customer Experience, Teamwork, Innovation and Sustainable Growth. Additionally, the employees at Quotient Bangalore are offered benefits that help build an enjoyable work-life balance, like flexible paid time off, freedom at work and more.

Senior Manager of Engineering Senthil Kumar VS shared, "my team is full of great problem solvers and they possess both excellent technical and interpersonal skills. Above all, they believe in each other's integrity, character and ability."

According to Senior Strategy & Insight Analyst Suvarna S S, "Quotient fully trusts the staff, which helps us employees work more creatively while encouraging us to be in charge of our efficiency—which in turn motivates us to become more efficient. My manager is incredibly supportive and has directly helped me grow. We can see a genuine interest from management when it comes to projects and there is full freedom to express our ideas."

Additionally, Lead Database Analyst Ujjwal Krishna shared, "Quotient encourages employees to take the ownership of the task, own it completely and deliver it to the best quality—while receiving tremendous support from your team and the co-workers. Learning never stops here. There is huge opportunity to learn different things and innovate. The challenging and thought-provoking work at Quotient helps you to acquire new skills and experiences which are utilized towards job responsibilities, continued growth and advancement. Additionally, we strive to create a supportive a setting for all our talented and hardworking Q-Crew members. That kind of flexibility at a workplace is awesome and ranges from setting project timelines to the freedom to work across different tools and technology."

How is Quotient Bangalore supporting employees throughout COVID-19?

Our main priority throughout the pandemic has been focusing on, protecting and supporting our employees. With the ongoing local conditions, our staff has continued a work-from-home model while we continue to provide frequent employee support sessions through our EAP partners Resilience and Marsh. We cover topics like "How to manage personal and professional life during COVID times," "Tips to stay safe," "How to prepare your kids for new normal" and other related themes.

We also initiated additional employee benefits programs to better support employees and their families, like a virtual doctor on-call program. We also offered to assist our employees with their home-office setup costs—striving to create comfortable, enjoyable and productive work-from-home environments for everyone.

Another priority mission for us this year has been keeping up team morale. We rolled out an ongoing "Keep in Touch" program for employees to keep everyone looped in to the various support programs Quotient offers and sent out surveys for continued employee suggestions and feedback.

What makes Quotient's culture stand out? 

During COVID-19, we worked to bring employees closer together, despite our physical separation. Once we began working from home, Quotient initiated a virtual town hall meeting on a fortnightly basis for the first few months and later on monthly basis. During this town hall meeting, our CEO, Steven Boal, addressed all employee questions and concerns throughout the pandemic. The regular cadence and transparency of these meetings reflects our strong company culture even during these difficult times.

During the pandemic, Quotient ensured we were safe. Our CEO hosts a regular catch-up meeting with all our Quotient employees to answer questions directly, clear doubts, expel rumours and more. Additionally, they sent us a pair of masks with sweets during Diwali. It is a good gesture which shows how much they care about us.
—Suvarna S S, Senior Strategy & Insight Analyst

To have fun and relieve stress over the past year, Quotient hosted virtual employee engagement activities, such as games or team-based competitions teams during the ongoing work-from-home situation.

Additionally, we believe recognition is essential to company culture and morale. We strive to appreciate employee efforts through several Bangalore-specific office awards in addition to our global "Be Greater Than" award program. These awards recognize, reinforce and celebrate the values-based behaviors of Quotient's people and inspire others to do the same. This new recognition program shines a light on people who live our values every day.

Interested in joining our "Great" workplace? Check out our Careers page to find our available job openings, submit an application or sign up for new career opportunity alerts.