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Engage Consumers with an Omnichannel Strategy

Deliver a cohesive and consistent brand experience across multiple touchpoints throughout the consumer journey. Engage consumers wherever they are—on social media, on their way home or in the digital or physical store—with our targeted omnichannel capabilities.

Effectively Target Audiences with Proprietary & Exclusive Data

Your campaigns are as good as the data that powers them.
With exclusive consumer spending data, location intelligence and purchase intent data, we help you target, optimize and measure campaigns to drive engagement, valuable outcomes and maximum ROI.

121MM targetable, verified shoppers in our retailer network

Quotient Internal Reporting, Q3 2020

89B annual retail transactions tracked from exclusive partnerships

Quotient Internal Reporting, Q1 2020

5.5B annual coupon activations to target based on purchase intent

Quotient Internal Reporting, Q1 2020

10B daily US mobile location signals for geo-targeting

Quotient Internal Reporting, Q1 2020

Collaborate on Strategies Where Retailers, Advertisers & Consumers All Win

No more trade-offs. Sitting at the heart of the retailer, advertiser and consumer relationship, Quotient is engrained in the retail ecosystem and enables more effective collaboration to drive better outcomes and meet goals for all parties.

Make Every Dollar Work Harder

Whether you’re executing a promotional campaign or working to achieve your brand goals, integrating strategies can maximize your investment and avoid wasted effort. We help plan and execute integrated promotions and media campaigns to increase effectiveness, efficiency and impact.

Deliver Maximum Consumer Value

Quotient knows consumers. Leverage our proprietary data and consumer properties to make every consumer interaction more inspiring, more convenient and more valuable to drive loyalty and brand affinity.

"Quotient's proprietary trend technology allows us to become closer to the consumer and align our social media plans accordingly. We are excited to partner with Quotient as thought leaders."

Kathleen Smith | Marketing Communications Manager, Jergens Skin Care

"Albertsons Performance Media has been a seamless digital solution for Pepsi, running smart, efficient campaigns that garner results. We’re already working with Albertsons and Quotient on additional campaigns."

Stacey Nachtaler | Shopper Marketing Director

"(With Quotient) we had a great opportunity to develop a program that uniquely drives engagement with our target consumers across the entire Aveeno portfolio. Shoppers showed a high propensity to engage with Aveeno through compelling promotional offers and scroll-stopping media that lifted the entire brand."

Danielle Price | Shopper Marketing and Consumer Promotions Manager, Aveeno

"(Through our partnership with Quotient) Albertsons Performance Media has executed 300 campaigns on behalf of 150 CPG companies. We’ve been able to target the right shoppers at the right time and in the right digital places. It has exceeded our expectations."

Karen Sales | VP of National and Shopper Marketing

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