Trademark Usage Guidelines

Quotient Technology Inc. (“Quotient”) has posted these Trademark Usage Guidelines (“Guidelines”) to assist you in properly using our trademarks, service marks, and logos (our “Marks”). The strength of our Marks depends upon their consistent and appropriate use. Usage outside these Guidelines may dilute our Marks and make them more difficult to protect. We reserve the right to change these Guidelines at any time and solely at our discretion.

Need for a License

Except as identified in these Guidelines, you may not use, reproduce, copy, or redistribute the Marks without a written license (permission) from Quotient. These Guidelines are for those entities and individuals who have obtained permission to use one or more of the Marks in promotional, instructional, or reference materials, or on products and services that are subject to an agreement with Quotient. The terms of an express written agreement with Quotient together with these Guidelines make up your rights and obligations regarding use of our Marks.

The Marks

Our Marks consist of variations of Quotient trade names, as well as the following Marks owned by Quotient or its subsidiaries, which are subject to change without notice: ADBRICKS; BRICKS ; BRICKS DUET; the COUPONS, INC., CI, CI MOTIVATE and CI MOTIVATE COUPONS, INC. designs & logos; CONCORDANCE; CONDUIT MEDIA; COUPONBUG; COUPONFIT; COUPONS.COM Color Block & Design; COUPONSUZY.COM; DIGITAL SOLO; GROCERY IQ; MOTIVATE; ONEBRICKS; SHOPMIUM; SHOPMIUM designs & logos; SURECASTER; THERE’S A BETTER WAY TO SAVE; VERI-FI and design; WEBBRICKS; and Quotient’s other registered and unregistered trademarks and service marks which may be referred to in your specific license agreement or otherwise.

Proper Use of Marks

To show availability through the Quotient brand service

Use words such as “available through” or “supported by” to show that your product is available to Quotient members. You may not refer to your product as Quotient Technology Inc. content or services or in any way imply that Quotient produced, endorsed, or supports the product, unless Quotient has expressly agreed in writing to such use.

Do not create composite marks

Our Marks must not appear to be part of any other mark (whether words or graphics). Quotient Marks may not be used as a design feature on your product, packaging, web page or promotional materials, without prior written approval. Subject to the foregoing restrictions, if a Mark is used in connection with your mark, the Quotient Mark must be used in smaller print after or underneath your mark, or in a similar manner that distinguishes your mark from Quotient Marks.

Use capitals

Always capitalize Quotient word Marks. Either capitalize them completely or use initial capitals.

Use a generic term after Quotient marks

Trademarks are adjectives and modify the generic name of the product (e.g., Bricks coupon service). You should use a generic term after the first time the Mark is used in any materials and as often as possible thereafter.

Do not use our Mark in the plural or possessive form

Using Logos

The Color Block & Design, the Quotient design logo, the Grocery iQ design logo, and other Quotient logos should be taken from a Quotient product logo sheet or from a Quotient service screen shot following authorization from us. Some logos are available here.  These logos may only appear with the words, logotype, graphic elements, and spacing which Quotient has expressly previously approved for use, and may not be modified.

Variations of Marks

You may not use a variation of any Quotient Mark as a variation may confuse consumers as to the source (supplier) of the goods or services bearing the altered mark, and such use may infringe our trademark rights and be actionable under relevant laws.

Proper Notice and Attribution

An appropriate trademark symbol (i.e., ®, TM, sm.) should appear at least with the first and most prominent use of a word Mark in all materials. Generally, the trademark symbol should appear to the right of the Mark. Quotient logos should always be used with the trademark symbols designated in the applicable product logo sheet or from a screen shot. When you use our Marks, please include the following brief statement attributing the Marks to Quotient: “[Quotient Mark] is a trademark of Quotient Technology Inc. or its subsidiaries.”

Review by Coupons

We reserve the right to review all uses of our Marks by others and to conduct periodic spot checks of such use. Upon request from Quotient, you must provide a copy of any product, packaging, screenshot, or other materials bearing our Mark. You must correct any deficiencies in the use of a Quotient Mark and/or the quality of the product or service used in conjunction with the Mark upon notice from Quotient. Refusal to correct such deficiencies may result in revocation of the license to use the Mark.

Prohibited Uses

We do not permit you to use any Quotient Mark in the following ways: as part of a non-Quotient product name; as part of your own trademark; to identify products or services that are not Quotient’s; in a manner likely to cause confusion between products and services of Quotient and those of another entity; in a manner that inaccurately implies that we sponsor or endorse or are otherwise affiliated with your own activities, products, or services; in a manner that disparages Quotient or its products or services; in connection with goods or services which, in our judgment, may diminish goodwill in a Quotient Mark, including, for example, uses which could be deemed to be obscene, pornographic, violent, or otherwise in poor taste; in connection with any unlawful activities or to encourage unlawful activities.

Requests for Permission

You may make limited fair use of our Marks in referring to our products and services, for example in a magazine article, without our permission, provided you follow standard trademark usage practice and provide proper attribution. All other uses require written permission. To request permission please send e-mail with the words trademark permission in the subject line to [email protected], and include the following information in the message: the particular Quotient Mark(s) you wish to use; where and how the Mark will be used; where, how, and when materials (including screenshots) bearing the Mark will be distributed and to what audience; how many copies (each email recipient should be considered one copy) will be produced and distributed (if relevant); what other non-Quotient materials and marks will be associated with our Mark; your name, title, company, address, e-mail address, and phone number. We will attempt to evaluate requests promptly. We reserve the right to refuse permission to use our Marks for any reason.


If you have questions regarding proper use of our Marks, please contact your Quotient representative or e-mail us at [email protected]