Putting Our Passion and Technology to Work

That’s what Coupons for Change is all about – helping nonprofits reach and surpass their goals

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Let’s Do Good Together

Business for Social Good

If you are a non-profit looking for innovative ways to boost your fundraising dollars, we have solutions. Using our technology and extensive network you can increase every donor’s capacity to give.

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Power of We

At Quotient, we work together as a company, using our time and talent to help our neighbors. It’s a priority for us. Helping others is part of who we are.

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Partnering with Non-Profits

Through our Coupons for Change initiatives we partner with non-profits to do our part in helping tackle many social issues across the country. In some cases, that means working hands on for a specific cause. In others, it means helping a non-profit increase its fund raising by using our technology and the broad reach of our network.