CPG Brand Solutions

CPG Brand Solutions

Performance Media

Target your ads to the right shoppers with our powerful CPG retail media platform. Quotient’s exclusive purchase data and coupon activation data lets you deliver personalized ads across all key touchpoints and formats – including Retailer.com search and display units, programmatic display, influencer-led social, and retailer eCommerce channels.

Retail Performance Media

With the Quotient RPM turnkey digital media solution, access our media partnerships with retailers representing over $150 billion in combined sales opportunity. Capture incremental sales through:

  • Data-driven programmatic display advertising, leveraging Quotient’s proprietary retailer purchase data
  • Retailer.com proprietary display media inventory
  • eCommerce search and sponsored-product placements on retail properties
  • Influencer-led social media

Learn more about Quotient powered RPM opportunities at our partner sites:

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Social Influencer Media

Quotient's Ahalogy brand is a market leader in trend-driven influencer content and social media marketing. Every campaign begins with the Ahalogy Muse™ platform, which captures insights on what’s trending by category and inspires high-quality, branded content created by Ahalogy’s network of premium influencers.

  • 10,000+ premium influencers and content creators
  • Verified, paid social media inventory
  • Exclusive Quotient data to measure ROI
  • Delivery across all major social platforms

Influencer Marketing Innovation Award

MarTech Breakthrough Awards recognize the best companies, technologies, products and services in the field of Marketing, Ad & Sales Technology.

MarTech Breakthrough Award 2020

Ahalogy Named an Influencer Marketing ‘Leader’ by Forrester

[Ahalogy] is the best fit for CPG and retail brands and shopper marketers eager for full service. Marketers at brands like Kellogg’s and P&G love Ahalogy’s full-service approach to cultivating breakthrough influencer content for use in high-performing paid social campaigns.

Forrester New Wave™ | Influencer Marketing Solutions, Q4 2018

Digital Out-of-Home

Plan, target, measure, and optimize DOOH campaigns by connecting Quotient’s CPG purchase behavioral data with location intelligence. Use first and third party data and audiences to identify and target customers in real time as they make purchasing decisions or en route to the store.

  • Data from $150B in annual retail sales at the category, brand, and product level
  • Access to 250M shoppers
  • Sales lift for OOH via loyalty card data matching
  • In-campaign optimization and analytics

eCommerce Media

  • Retail Search & Sponsored Products
  • Shoppable Display Advertising
  • Shoppable Brand Pages
  • Coupons.com

Retail Search & Sponsored Products

Our Quotient eCommerce search and sponsored media offerings deliver high-impact, contextually relevant ads throughout our retailer partner’s eCommerce purchase paths. The result is a shopper experience that’s engineered for sales at the point of online purchase.

  • Advanced on-site ad technology
  • Flexible, self-service bidding models
  • Rich analytics and insights

Shoppable Display Advertising

Quotient’s powerful ad tech delivers shoppable ads on our retailer partners sites and apps, and across programmatic channels. Targeted with exclusive retailer in-store and online point-of-purchase and intent data, Quotient’s eCommerce display media allows consumers to add products to their shopping carts directly from within the ad.

Shoppable Brand Pages

Quotient’s Shoppable Brand Pages provide CPG brands with a complete branded eCommerce platform and offer center, fully integrated within the sites and apps across the Quotient retailer partner network. Support high-level brand messaging and promote a wide array of products, directly within the eCommerce path.


Deliver targeted ads to over 20 Million CPG shoppers as they plan shopping trips and purchases. Combining audience scale with a brand-safe shopping ad environment, Coupons.com provides an ideal environment to deliver messages that influence product consideration and sales.
  • 20 million unique visitors per month1
  • Site takeovers
  • Dedicated brand pages
  • Rich creative with embedded offers

1 ComScore (monthly average, July 2018-June 2019)

Personalized Digital Promotions

Personalized Digital Promotions

With a digital promotions suite that includes national digital coupons, targeted coupons, retailer-specific promotions as well as loyalty offers, Quotient provides the ability to run fully-integrated, strategic promotional campaigns that often return above average industry results on brand marketers’ crucial KPIs. Use Quotient to build digital promotion programs that drive volume, enhance trial and buy rate, increase loyalty, and support merchandizing.

National Digital Coupons

As the industry leader in digital promotions, Quotient efficiently supports merchandizing with content at national scale. We create, publish and distribute national offers across all consumer touchpoints, available whenever the shopper wants to engage with them—before, during, or after shopping; and however they like to engage: on mobile, desktop, or with load-to-card, print-at-home or digital rebates.  

Distribute national offers across:
  • Retailer properties throughout the country
  • Quotient-owned and operated properties, like Coupons.com
  • Social media platforms
  • Programmatic channels
  • Brand landing pages
Retail Coupons

Retail Coupons

Quotient’s Retailer iQ platform connects directly to retailer point-of-sale systems, sending shoppers personalized digital coupons which they can add to their loyalty accounts with a single tap, and that they can easily redeem online or at in-store checkout.

Targeted Offers

Using the exclusive point-of-sale data collected through select retailer partnerships, Quotient delivers targeted offers to consumers across touchpoints including e-mail, digital circulars and coupon galleries – before, during and after shopping. Our near real-time analytics and insights quantify performance and help optimize targeted campaigns further.

Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty Rewards

Quotient’s customizable brand loyalty platform lets CPGs drive repeat sales across channels and increase customer lifetime value. Forge direct relationships with millions of consumers, and dramatically enhance efficiency and effectiveness, fueled by our item-level purchase visibility into more than 76B annual purchase transactions.

Audience Data and Analytics

Audience Data and Analytics

With data on over 76 billion retail item transactions and 4 billion digital coupon activations annually, Quotient lets you efficiently and precisely target audiences, personalize creative, measure sales results and optimize campaigns in a closed-loop.

Quotient Audiences

Built on our exclusive database of over 100M CPG verified buyers, Quotient Audiences offers scale and depth of consumer purchase history and intent, giving brands the ability to precisely target shopper audiences across all CPG categories at scale.

  • 2,500+ CPG purchase and intent-based audience segments1
  • 250M total targetable audience2
  • Transaction data from retailers representing $150B in total sales
  • Available from all major commercial demand side platforms (DSPs)
  • CPG custom audiences available

1. Quotient internal reporting (June 2019) | 2. Quotient internal reporting (Q4 2018)

On Demand Analytics

Optimize campaigns on-the-fly with in-flight performance measurement linked to dollar sales. Using exclusive point-of-sale transaction data and advanced analytical methodology, the Quotient Analytics self-service online portal gives clients near real-time visibility and transparency into their campaigns—on demand.

Promo iQ
Evaluate and optimize promotions programs with powerful insights in near real-time, covering multiple purchase metrics:

  • Sales lift
  • Return on promotional spend
  • Percent incrementality
  • Trial and repeat

Media iQ
Optimize media programs with powerful insights including return on ad spend, ad engagement, campaign metrics and other audience and tactical insights. Quotient re-applies the data for enhanced targeting, creating a closed-loop ecosystem of measurement and optimization.