Eucerin® Drives 77% Trial Rate & 83% Incremental Sales with Duration-Based Digital Promotions

Trial Rate


Trial Rate¹

Lift Over the Match Control


Lift Over the
Match Control²

Incremental Shopper Spend


Shopper Spend³

Incremental Return on Promotion Spend


Incremental Return on
Promotion Spend⁴

01  The Opportunity 

Eucerin® sought to capitalize on wavering brand loyalty in the skincare space and drive trial ahead of its busiest season. By implementing Quotient’s sophisticated promotions and social influencer capabilities, Eucerin® could deploy strategically timed offers and content to provide value to new buyers and keep the brand top of mind with current buyers and loyalists.

 — 02  The Strategy

Eucerin® designed its digital promotions strategy by blending national duration-based, targeted and loyalty offers within the same campaign. Amplifying these offers with authentic, influencer-generated content would allow the brand to reach targeted consumer groups at scale, maximize reach, drive trial and increase basket size. 


Quotient’s data-driven forecasting model accurately predicted the number of redemptions the promotion would achieve within a given timeframe. This duration-based approach gave Eucerin® confidence to coordinate merchandising support and maximize its investment.


Eucerin® delivered targeted offers that aimed to drive purchases or trips depending on the audience. For category non-brand buyers, the offers encouraged volume and trial at scale. For current brand buyers, the goal was increasing buy rate. 


Eucerin® layered an additional threshold offer to build brand loyalty and move units over multiple trips. This strategy kept Eucerin® top of mind and resulted in expanded cross-purchasing while efficiently moving volume.

03  The Results

By launching strategically timed offers ahead of the peak season, Eucerin® efficiently moved the same product volume as the previous year but in half the time, thanks to a 1.6-times-stronger redemption rate.

Leading with digital promotions and supporting those efforts with paid social enabled Eucerin® to accurately target shoppers with greater granularity, measure results and empower shoppers to save on their own terms—whether in-store or online.

The strength of the campaign’s measurable incrementality—$1.95 iROPS and 83% incremental shopper spend—provides insight into the effectiveness of specific campaign tactics and can be used to inform future campaign strategies.

Eucerin Campaign Spotlight

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Data Source 1-4: Quotient Internal Reporting, 2021