Webinar: Winning with Value This Holiday Season

As consumers prepare for a holiday season impacted by Covid and inflation, it’s time for brands to start planning their holiday strategies. Quotient’s Regional Vice President, Promotions Commercial Leader Paul Koop and Regional Vice President, Food and Beverage Chris Frericks hosted a webinar highlighting key insights for the upcoming holiday season, including actionable tactics brands can use to connect with holiday shoppers this year.  

Keep reading to learn the top takeaways from the webinar or click to watch the recording below. 


Inflation Changes Consumer Behaviors

As Covid transitions from pandemic to endemic, Americans are expected to resume traditional holiday celebrations in 2022. But a new challenge—rising inflation—appears certain to impact holiday shoppers by prompting a renewed focus on finding value. 

“What consumers are telling us is that value matters. We expect 42% of consumers will look for products on promotion this holiday season.”
Paul Koop, Regional Vice President, Promotions Commercial Leader at Quotient

Consumer surveys reveal that 73% of consumers believe Covid will impact their holiday celebrations, and 11% anticipate that impact to be significant. Meanwhile, 89% of consumers say inflation will affect their holidays, with 29% expecting a significant impact.  

While consumers will still have Covid on their minds, they’ll be more concerned about inflation—creating an opportunity for brands to reach these consumers through value-based messages and targeted promotions. 


Tactics to Reach Value-Focused Holiday Shoppers

For brands to reach consumers seeking value, they’ll need to focus more on promotions than during the past two years. When brands do employ savings tactics, it’s crucial that they communicate the value they’re offering. 

“Think about how to incorporate value into your existing messaging. Whether you're communicating value through your advertising or your packaging, you have to find a way to drum up value over more passive calls to action.”
Chris Frericks, Regional Vice President, Food and Beverage at Quotient

Using value-based calls to action can help brands prompt consumers to take advantage of promotions this holiday season. Brands can also use targeted promotions for specific consumers to encourage them to stay loyal instead of trading down to a different brand or private label.

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