Image of DOOH ad on the side of a bus shelter on a busy Chicago street

Today, we are excited to announce a partnership that will allow advertisers to reach targeted audiences across JCDecaux’s Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) screens in the U.S. through our programmatic media platform.

Relevant Messaging Based on Real-World Behavior

Our DOOH offering gives advertisers access to screens in various environments and locations—such as airports, transit shelters and highways—that provide contextually relevant messaging to audiences based on real-world shopping behavior.  

With Quotient DOOH, advertisers can access screens across a multitude of environments and locations.

We use proprietary location intelligence technology along with exclusive purchase intent and sales data to run efficient DOOH campaigns that meet the need for brands to be effective, dynamic and nimble. This new partnership allows advertisers to activate on JCDecaux’s premium digital billboard and street furniture inventory in markets such as New York City, Boston and Chicago—enabling brands to plan and execute more contextual and robust campaigns.

Programmatic DOOH provides brands immense flexibility and efficiency to deliver their targeted messages to audiences at the intersection of our premium digital inventory leveraging data & context.

Gavin Wilson, Chief Revenue Officer at VIOOH

Programmatic DOOH Improves Flexibility and Performance

Programmatically managing ad campaigns across different types of inventory, from street-level to venue-based, through our platform allows businesses to embed strategic insights into decision-making and improves flexibility and overall digital campaign performance.

Offering better targeting, decision making and campaign flexibility, programmatic OOH allows brands to pause, adjust, restart and optimize campaigns mid-flight, which enables efficiencies in media spend and optimized ROI that would be difficult to achieve otherwise.

Jean-Luc Decaux, President & Co-CEO, JCDecaux North America

Programmatic DOOH can be used as a standalone solution or as a powerful part of an omnichannel campaign, providing advertisers with an opportunity to take advantage of a brand-safe, high-impact channel in today’s fast-moving climate.

Programmatic DOOH provides advertisers with a high-impact, brand-safe channel.

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