Case Study: Unilever Drives Incremental Sales and Category Growth with Quotient

As a preferred partner, Quotient helps Unilever build targeted media and coupon solutions to drive growth. Unilever’s strategy is to be where the consumer is, and we achieve this goal by using digital channels to remain nimble and flexible—taking a strategic approach to promotions that balances scale, efficiency and effectiveness.

With more than 400 brands bought in 190 countries, Unilever creates products in the Beauty & Personal Care, Foods & Refreshment and Home Care spaces that 2.5 billion people use each day.

Watch this video with Jayme Jansky, Head of Shopper Marketing for Grocery and Emerging Channels at Unilever, and Min Kang, Omni Marketing Activation Manager at Unilever, to learn more about Unilever’s approach to driving incremental sales and category growth.


The Rise of Digital

The need to be digital exponentially increased this past year as more shoppers turned to online shopping in order to minimize the risk of in-person contact. Retailers also recognized the need to be sharper with digital communication and targeted offers.

Unilever utilized Quotient’s digital tools to leverage exclusive retailer’s data and offer personalized solutions while delivering the right offer to the right shopper at the right time to drive conversion at retail.

Quotient has become a strategic partner to us with their robust retailer platform, access to first-party data and breadth of solutions. Just as importantly, Quotient enables us to measure our success against our key goals and performance metrics.

Jayme Jansky, Head of Shopper Marketing for Grocery and Emerging Channels at Unilever

The Quotient Approach

  • Exclusive Data Insights & Measurement

    We continually analyze and optimize plans throughout the course of a campaign to ensure dollars are working as hard as possible. Quotient’s range of diverse and expansive solutions and technology enables Unilever to deliver rich consumer engagement that offer value at scale.

  • Strong Retailer Partnerships and Channels 

    Quotient’s retailer network offers Unilever the ability to deliver coupons and media at scale. A variety of marketing tools like targeted digital media, sponsored search, digital aisles and shopping lists on retailer apps, digital coupons, rebates and offers to reach shoppers at multiple touchpoints throughout their shopping journey drives incremental sales for Unilever and category growth for their retailers.

  • National & Shopper Promotions

    Using Quotient’s omnichannel capabilities, Unilever combines national coupons, targeted coupons, coupons at checkout and loyalty offers all in one campaign with the goal of reaching different audiences. Likewise, these integrated digital coupon campaigns allow Unilever to measure the KPIs that matter most: getting new as well as current buyers to purchase more while driving loyalty across the brand franchise.

In today’s ever-changing environment, it’s crucial for us to be able to quickly adapt to business dynamics and shopper insights.

Jayme Jansky, Head of Shopper Marketing for Grocery and Emerging Channels at Unilever

Value Remains a Key Driver for Consumers 

Shoppers will continue to seek convenience and value, and Unilever recognizes the importance of truly understanding and meeting the needs of their shoppers. Working with Quotient to identify and deliver targeted offers and messages helps Unilever drive growth at retailers and turn shoppers into buyers.

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