Degree DOOH Campaign Shortlisted for ‘Best Use of Digital’

We’re thrilled to announce that Quotient has been nominated alongside Unilever, Kinetic and Mindshare for The Drum’s “Best Use of Digital” award in recognition of Unilever’s programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign featuring Degree® deodorant. The same campaign also took home Silver Award honors at the OAAA’s Media Plan of the Year Awards. 

The Drum Awards recognize the best practices, companies and people globally from across the marketing and communications industry, while OAAA honors efficient and effective out-of-home (OOH) media plans that maximize the synergies between media and creative strategies within an available budget. 

At a time when movement outside of the home was restricted due to COVID-19 safety measures, Degree leveraged programmatic DOOH to connect with consumers during moments of high intent as they ventured out on essential trips to the grocery store, pharmacies, convenience stores and more. 

Keep reading to see how Unilever and Quotient leveraged DOOH messaging to create new consumer connections in a socially distanced landscape. 

Campaign Meant to ‘Move’ the Needle 

With the pandemic bringing most activities to a halt in 2020, people had to find ways to adapt. Personal care brands like Degree were impacted as consumers changed their regular routines, making it increasingly difficult to create and communicate relatable content. Thirty-eight percent of Americans reported exercising less compared to pre-pandemic and with widespread gym closures limiting movement, deodorant sales declined. 

To address this trend, Degree launched the “Keep Moving” campaign to inspire people to move with confidence despite the new circumstances. The campaign’s inspirational messaging put Degree at the forefront as people dipped their toes back into more mobile, active lifestyles. 

Using a strategic OOH plan, Degree sought to inspire consumers by giving them a gentle nudge to move with confidence and hit the start button again. Degree targeted audiences who were already venturing outdoors on essential trips to take  small but meaningful steps to incorporate movement into their everyday lives. With placements in 49 states, the activation was Unilever’s largest ever contextual OOH campaign. 

In total, the ads resulted in 87 million impressions. Brand lift results showed 82% of exposed consumers were “inspired to move more,” and Degree’s sales enjoyed the positive impact of $4.7 million in attributable national sales, 11% of which were from new brand customers. 

Because of how the Unilever campaign demonstrated quick adaptation during the pandemic, The Drum’s judges highly commended it for “Best Response to Change” in a new award category for 2021. 

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