Quotient Named to Digiday Technology Awards Shortlist

Quotient Nominated for Best Attribution Tool, Influencer Marketing Platform

We’re thrilled to announce that Quotient has been nominated for two 2021 Digiday Technology Awards. Digiday’s annual industry awards recognize digital media companies that have demonstrated tech-focused innovation, creativity and excellence in personalized advertising. Quotient was shortlisted for Best Attribution Tool and, for a second year in a row, Best Influencer Marketing Platform.

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How Attribution Helped Mondelez Secure Sweet OREO Success  

Quotient’s Media Platform earned a nomination for Best Attribution Tool based on its effectiveness in a campaign for Mondelez and its OREO brand. In the campaign, Mondelez sought to drive sales during a key timeframe with an emphasis on increasing household penetration of OREO Thins and gluten-free varieties.

Quotient’s platform enabled Mondelez to leverage the digital consumer experience and drive meaningful and measurable in-store sales. In addition, the campaign was able to gain new shoppers for both the brand and retailer and drive increased long-term volume over time. These results demonstrate how Quotient’s Media Platform enables advertisers to plan, target and execute integrated omnichannel media strategies to engage consumers throughout the path to purchase—all while driving measurable sales and building brand equity.

At the core of the campaign was a promotional offer that drove compelling engagement for the OREO brand, influenced shopper basket sizes and generated sales of more than 1 million units in total. Notably, 41% of those sales were incremental—meaning shoppers bought more OREO products than they would have without the offer.

Overall, the campaign achieved a $5.70 return on promotion spend. Dollars spent per shopper saw a 69% lift on featured products and a 67% lift for OREO products overall. The key was Mondelez and Quotient’s ability to tie together closed-loop measurement and drive a performance-based model that reinforces digital working media, meeting the consumer on their path to purchase across the retailers’ digital properties, promotional properties like Coupons.com and key in-store purchase events. Additionally, for the Mondelez team, this first foray into a truly integrated national and shopper campaign created a blueprint for how to plan similar future campaigns.


Influencer Marketing Helps Health and Beauty Brand Ace Back-to-College  

The Quotient technology powering a 2020 back-to-college campaign secured a Digiday award nomination for Best Influencer Marketing Platform. The plan implemented for a leading health and beauty brand sought to drive category growth by encouraging consumers to purchase multiple core products and increase basket size.

Every influencer marketing campaign is informed by insights from the Quotient Social Platform, which scans 20 million monthly social and blog posts to uncover real-time category-level trends and key audience insights. Brand clients can use these data points to inform future campaign planning—unlocking insights on which social platforms performed best and which style of social ad resonated with audiences.

In the nominated campaign, the brand partnered with Quotient influencers to create a series of blog posts that linked to a content hub and rewards offer. Custom, data-driven content was built from influencer creative for each of the products and amplified through paid social promotion across strategic social platforms, inviting target audiences to engage and click through. Complementary mobile tap-to-site adhesion units further amplified the campaign.

Ultimately, the campaign drove a 50% trial rate, 1.6% campaign sales lift and $5.53 incremental return on ad spend—meaning shoppers spent more on the campaign’s featured products than they would have had they not been exposed to the campaign. Shoppers exposed to the back-to-college mobile media averaged more than one purchase trip and over $8 per basket. The campaign drove nearly 43 million total impressions.


Creating Innovative Solutions for Forward-Thinking Brands  

At Quotient, we strive to help advertisers and retailers find creative, data-driven solutions to address the range of challenges they face. We’re proud to be recognized for our work with these 2021 Digiday Technology Award nominations and look forward advancing new innovations that connect our clients with consumers in exciting ways.

For more information about how Quotient can help you plan your next digital media and promotions campaign, contact us at communications@quotient.com.