Susan Cho on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Quotient

Susan Cho acts as Group Director of Sales and Agency Development at Quotient. She also serves as part of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Council. This May to celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage (AAPI) Month, we interviewed Susan about some of the steps that Quotient is taking to celebrate AAPI Month as well as what diversity, equity and inclusion mean to her. 

How is Quotient celebrating AAPI month?

Within the Education and Awareness sub-committee of the DEI Council, we decided to celebrate AAPI month via a series of educational themed posts around topics like food, music and cultures as well as recognizing Asian American owned businesses and ways to support them. We have also talked about the history and how AAPI month is celebrated while hosting a discussion with team members from across Quotient. 

The Asian American and Pacific Islander group is so large and diverse. There are so many cultures and countries represented, which makes it a challenge to celebrate every single one of them, but we do our best to cover as much as possible in such short period. 

What are you hoping to accomplish with these different initiatives?

Change will not happen overnight, but I feel encouraged by the momentum we are seeing in the last few months. It has been a thoughtful process involving employees across all different offices. If our posts and fireside chat discussions can inspire or help better educate on the topic, we have done our job. All we're looking for is to start with that small change, which will eventually lead to corporate transformation. 

What does diversity, equity and inclusion mean to you? 

Without the intention of diversity, equity and inclusion, we cannot achieve the better version of ourselves—both at the individual level and as an organization. To me, DEI means bringing systemic change that creates equilibrium and provides a better future for everyone. It also means breaking down the walls and creating paths so everyone has equal opportunity to both pursue and succeed in their endeavors. 

How do you see diversity, equity, and inclusion impacting Quotient? 

I think we're going through a year of transformation when it comes to DEI. I'm really proud that our team has stood up for the challenge and that our management has been fully supportive of all these efforts. And what I love the most is that everything has been 100% driven by the employees. We are truly taking responsibility and ownership of how we shape DEI in the upcoming years.  

I believe everything starts with education, infusing that as part of the culture. I also want this to be a celebration. I want us to be able to celebrate diversity and who we are. We are a better company, and we are going to perform and deliver on all of our values because of the diversity that we have. 

One of our values is customer service. The face of our customers is changing, so the face of Quotient should be changing along the way as well—becoming more diverse, more equitable, more inclusive. If we can take the company that direction, we're going to hit on that value. And it's the right thing to do, too. 

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