Quotient Hosts Women’s Professional Panel

Around the world, women experience a myriad of obstacles inhibiting their opportunity to gain leadership roles. These barriers can come in the form of structural barriers, institutional or individual mindsets and discriminatory biases.

On March 16th, Quotient hosted a Women’s Professional Panel to challenge these barriers and give female leaders at Quotient a platform to discuss their professional backgrounds, give advice on overcoming obstacles and provide guidance for upcoming talent on how to succeed in their careers. Read on to see what they discussed.

Female Leaders at Quotient Share Their Experience

Hosted by Chief People Officer, Renee Cutright, the panel included Anna McCuiston, Vice President of Retail Solutions; Andrea Schmidt, Vice President of Campaign Operations; Connie Chen, General Counsel; and Sheila Bijoor, Vice President of Product.

Panelists were asked a variety of questions such as the most valuable skills to have in the workforce, tips on finding a successful work-life balance and the importance of mentorship and self-confidence. They provided insightful responses about the value of self-assurance, communication, slowing down to speed up and putting in the effort and mindfulness to achieve your career goals.

The final 15 minutes of the panel closed with an open Q&A for attendees. Participants asked questions about soft and hard skills, discrimination in the workplace and advocating for yourself as a valuable employee.

Panelists offered their final insights and hopes for participant take-aways, which included being okay with continuous learning, having confidence in who you are and your impact, the importance of taking risks and remembering that not one size fits all.

“One of the learnings I had relatively late in my trajectory was the difference between self-confidence and self-assurance. If you’re taking risks and actually putting yourself out there, sometimes you’re going to make mistakes and you’re going to fail. Self-assurance is about going, ‘It's going to be okay. I can deal with not having succeeded. I have faith that I can figure this out and keep going.’ That feeling of self-assurance is much deeper and so much more important than self-confidence.”
—Sheila Bijoor, Vice President of Product

With participants tuning in from our global locations, it was wonderful to see the level of support and celebration of women on a large scale! Thank you to our panelists and everyone who attended.

For more information on the event or Quotient’s ongoing efforts surrounding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, contact us at general@quotient.com.